one week to go!

Another wet and yukkyevening here in Orange. Gordon and I have done a pre-pack test for Peru/Argentina and so far we have managed to fit in EVERYTHING with some room to spare.

Just have to get through this week and we’ll be away…. getting very excited!

Have spent the afternoon with Rose and Cathie over a very very long and enjoyable delectable lunch out at their home at Beneree… even had a game of scrabble.

Also called in on Michelle and Brett to meet new baby William. They’d been to Peru a couple of years ago so have given us lots of tips (and a few borrowed items likes coats and lights).

hasta luego!

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2 thoughts on “one week to go!

  1. Hey Darlings – left a comment on this earlier in the week but seems it is no longer there… 😦 so sending this as a ‘test’….


  2. Hi guys, sorry I didn’t get to speak to you before you left but a belated Bon Voyage! Hope you arrived safely and have settled in. Look forward to hearing updates. Eam’s in Noosa for the week. I’m walking to Mt Solitary Friday for Duke of Ed. Ciao. Love Tania


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