Hola from Buenos Aires!!!! :)

We made it …one leg down. good flight packed plane… practiced spanish with taxi driver. Now at B&B Casa Palermitano… can´t wait for a shower… quick hello while we check in. wet but not too cold… who cares we are in tango country!!!!

xx s and g

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6 thoughts on “Hola from Buenos Aires!!!! :)

  1. Go Benny!!!! Not many bikes here Tarn… you´d die of affixiation before you got the end of the block!


  2. Hola/bonjour/g’day! Good to here you’re there safely. All well here. Ben had zone athletics this week and came 1st in 100 and 200m so is off to Regional next month. Lucky he’s got my legs. Ha! Eam’s off to the snow next week, Noosa last week. Hard for some! For Pat and I, same old, same old. Although had a ride to Katoomba today. Stiff headwind going up. It took me 3hrs up and 1 hour back! Ciao/See ya
    Love Tania and boys


  3. Hello Gordon and Sonia…hope this gets to you in the lands of the Sombreros – I know that is associated with Mexico, but surely ‘they’ have also migrated south.
    Please send Lesley your blog – as I do not know how to give it to her.
    Tim has gone AGAIN…we hope for keeps; but his stuff is still at 3 Osprey…..love Mum


    1. Wow glad to hear Tim maybe on his way out…
      blog address is
      i am not sure I have lesley´s address… will try via facebook when I get some time.


  4. Hola to u 2! Can’t wait 2 c photos of u both doing the Tango! But, I can imagine it – whacko!


    1. The jeans are getting tighter by the minute!
      Saving tango for when we return!
      Warmed up and I am now in a T-shirt…taxi due soon


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