Lima is more than about beans

Miguel a Peruvian we met on our bus tour of Lima: The blokes are very style conscious here.
Miguel is a someone met while on the bus tour… the blokes are really stylish here in Lima as you can see!

Met some of the Peru´s challenge team and sounds like we escaped some terrible plane stories… 10 hour delays etc etc…

but Gord had to sit next to a woman clutching a Maccá´s takeaway… you can imagine Gord´s response! He spoke to her constantly about how she was going to dispòse of the wrappers (even though she didn´t speak English and he really isn´t that fluent in Spanish…I think you get the picture!)

We also did a 3 hour city tour (part of the PC deal) and spent 3.5 hours discussing why we DON´T do tours of more than three people: Gordon, Sonia and the driver.

Off to have dinner at Rosa Nautica… the best restaurant in Lima… out on an historic pier. The ocean is an 80 metre drop from our small hostel… we won´t be abseiling I can assure you to dinner… we aren´t that keen on eating cerviche (lime marinated seafood).

Til next time

s and g xx

cerviche restaurant in miraflores lima
cerviche restaurant in miraflores Lima
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7 thoughts on “Lima is more than about beans

  1. Guys, this is part of the theatre isn’t it, as ts plain to see that Gordy ( shopped for and ) dressed the dog!


  2. OMG! I thought email advised you when you get a message but it doesn’t unless I click the box – silly me! – thought you had been quiet – obviously not when I logged on!!!! I have to go back and read all the blogs again – how exciting – love the fact that you had found a good tea house…. reminds me of our time in Vietnam………So glad that the first part of your journey is proving to be adventurous and exciting…….. will log on daily now…. 🙂

    Been hot as hell here – 6pm Saturday night and still 28 degrees – been to Brighton today – love it down there…….down at mums tomorrow and then guests from Bermuda next week.

    Much love to you both xxx


    1. Ta for your messages on the mobile… at the volunteer house…everyone a bit light headed but doses up on cocoa tea which helps… had an orientation afternoon and sussed out the local buses and best places to eat in the town very important
      s and g


  3. LOVE the dog! And the restuarant looks/sounds amazing.


    1. Dog was ultra cool! dinner magical! Ta for message! Hope you are surviving I&I NSW!!!!????


  4. Tracey Taylor July 4, 2009 — 1:30 am

    Love the bean concept and pics of the dogs. If this was a pic of the restauraunt that you went to,,,, Wow. All looks very swish. Glad there is no abseiling involved.
    We have had a nice start to Saturday with a breaky @ Tricycle. Loved it. Went to a fab tour of Henry Jones Art Hotel last night. Totally Fab.. wish I had taken you girls when you were here. I will keep my fingers crossed for next trip eh!
    Speaking of Art house, we have decide to really ham up the fireman’s loft concept. I have about 20 ideas for paintings and associated mixed media art works. Hope I Can fit some creative time in to the next few weeks.
    Heard from Sally D last evening. Her Mum is in Hospital, no diagnosis as yet.
    But news doesn’t bode well. Everyone is hoping that a simple diagnosis will reveal a solution Sally is being stoic and as lovely as ever.
    Will keep you posted in case she doesn’t get the chance to.
    Hoping your next few days have continued well.
    Loving to hear your stories.
    Will keep you posted
    Lots of love T


    1. Thanks for news… I can see the pole now upstairs at Flourish! and heads up on Sal´s mum…fingers crossed there. restauarant magic… now for Cuzco… and the unknown! How did you go at the bank?
      xxs and g


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