Big Brother Day 1

We are onto the coke alreeady …  the ubiquitous TEA and NOT the drug or even Inca Kola … a yellowy fizzy number that tastes like creaming soda but looks like… well you can imagine!

The coca tea seems to help as we all arrived this morning in Cuzco a little light headed from altitude sickness… but slowly feeling acclimatised to the 4000 metres Andean atmosphere. 

We were serenaded in the arrivals hall by the local band… pan flutes of course. Gordon feels a flute  Flower of Scotland CD MUST be found. Sonia did actually buy a pan pipes of all of the ABBA collection so be warned.

The big brother house is a mixed crew of Brits, Aussies and an Irish lassie… mixed ages and stages… and DVD preferences. They are onto their 5th episode of Grays Anatomy so we may have to hold a war cabinet soon!

Gord has his eye on the kitchen duty roster and hanging out for his shift

riot squad in Lima
riot squad in Lima

Gord said if the big brother crew doesn’t conform to the situation he may need to call in the there’s nothing 50 cents cant buy amigos we met in Lima yesterday.

hasta luego

s and g

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14 thoughts on “Big Brother Day 1

  1. Hey it all sounds as if you are settling in and the wonderful doco pics are enlivening the text. Your Big Bro house will be a whole new experience for you in so many ways. Great that you are there and underway . The markets sound amazing. All flowing here. Had an email from Sally today. Hope that she sent one to you. I think all will be well with an operation in the near future.
    The bank scenario seems as if it will be OK. Will keep you posted. Deadline 17th July, so here’s hoping paperwork can be sorted quickly.
    lots of love to you both. T


    1. ta for the update… glad all coming together for the new abode!!! how exciting.


  2. Cannot believe you have run into Jane Ireland. That girl get’s around I tell. Last year someone else from Orange ran into her in Norway!!!!!
    Sounds like all is going well. Thanks to Melissa we ahd a huge party at your place on Friday night – we only broke a few things but Myers had a sale on so we were able to replace everything and it was great fun re-arranging Gordon’s CD’s out of alphabetical order!!! (Just joking of course). We’ll keep reading with great interest. (PS – didn’t make Bill’s today Sonia, but I’ll let you know when I do)


  3. We are with you in spirit . We in the Southern Highlands at the weekend and still breathless however, maybe that is because we we opted for a 2007 Reisling rather than the Coca tea 🙂
    Sounds like you are sharing house with your soul mates – maybe Gordy can fill up their evenings with his extensive knowledge of South American flags – if not there is always scrabble!


    1. Gord is in the kitchen as we speak! Can you believe it NO SCRABBLE here but some avid players… should have packed the set as an essential and thrown out the soap!
      Hope you are enjoying the blog… had some nice argentine wines… hope you are coping in southyern highlands.
      skyped mum yesterday!
      xx s


  4. John and Valerie July 5, 2009 — 10:32 pm

    Always great too hear about your travels in the world. 4km up and sharing accomodation with ‘Grays Anatomy’ lovers doesn’t sound that enticing, however being with the locals and helping the children sounds very enticing.

    The children may learn English with a Scottish accent, but they will certainly know good food when they taste it. To give those pan flutes a bit of punch, why don’t you add a large balloon or sheeps gut to one end and really blow some air through them .

    Its cold here in Canberra at the moment -3 C, but ever hopeful that the day will warm up to double digits.

    Enjoy those dizzy heights and look forward to your next installments.

    John and Valerie


    1. We wont take up your music suggestions! Gord in kitchen cooking up a storm for 10!


  5. Please don’t tell me Gord is ironing in Peru!!!!

    Spoke to Jan and Tony this morning – both in good form – told them to log onto your blog – will see them in a couple of weeks.

    Love the blogs…….hope you adjust and the altitude sickness settles down soon

    xx 🙂


    1. I had to restrain him from buying an iron at the market today!


  6. Hey guys – nice to read of your adventures so far – vaughan forwarded the blog url today
    greys anatomy x 5…. aargh….
    i hope perro is not on the menu when it’s gord’s turn in the kitchen…. then again, you can probably source a few for a mere 50c…


    1. In kitchen at the moment cooking dinner for 10 big brothers!
      ps sonia wouldnt let me buy guinea pig…yet!


  7. Hi guys, Mmm Big Brother house sounds..interesting..! Gord, would you prefer to be in a tent?? Hope the altitude sickness is not too much of a drama.
    Love Tania


    1. great talking to you… the internet has revolutionised travelling!


  8. Truly Sonia and Gordon, reading your blog is as if you are on another planet….just amazing stuff….
    Was fantastic to speak to you….caught me by about 5 minutes. Mbah walk was good (historical-supposedly) but I knew far more about the area (did not act like a know all tho).
    Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!love Mum


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