Stop Press Gordon does public transport

Gord catches PUBLIC TRANSPORT a collectivo van
Gord catches PUBLIC TRANSPORT a collectivo van

Had to buy sunblock today … sorry all you Orangeites with minus 4… but it gets incredibly hot here.

House meeting ended with groups going out on shopping patrol… we got the market… so good chance to practice numbers and food names.

Markets are a variation on the worldwide market theme selling everything from dodgy pirated DVDs, unidentifiable local food stalls and an amazing array of fruit and veggies…

Mr and Mrs Machu Picchu spend a pleasant afternoon shopping in Cuzco Harrods
Mr and Mrs Machu Picchu spend a pleasant afternoon shopping in Cuzco Harrods

We happened upon a festival today at the main square and took a heap of pictures. There really is something about watching a brigade of women, holding a machine gun!!! anyway where was I…

goosestepping or is that alpacastepping in the main square
goosestepping or is that alpacastepping in the main square

Tomorrow we head out and have an orentation day with the rest of the houses, and will get a brief on whats expected from us over the next 4 weeks.

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15 thoughts on “Stop Press Gordon does public transport

  1. Hi guys – good to read about your adventures. I’m on uni break and back to work full time. I don’t know how I managed that. Also HD and CR for assignments. Big YAY for me!
    I look forward to reading more, maybe Gord can cook the other contestants if it gets too much in the BB house?!


    1. well done you clever gal!


  2. Sally and Brian July 8, 2009 — 12:11 pm

    Public transport…..Any opportunities to sleep in a tent Gordon?


    1. unfortunately 3 nights on machu pcchu walk!


  3. Thanks for the news.
    Helen and I enjoyed our days in Dubbo and are heading for Newcastle for a long weekend. H will return to the big O to ensure the economy remains afloat while I see the elders in Sydney before escaping to the Sunny Coast for a week with Brad and the girls. .. the pensioner’s retort.
    I have no idea where we’ll go for dinner on Wed night after snooker without your guidance, let alone what we’ll order when we get whereever.
    Sonia, I imagine your colour allows you to blend in perfectly. They may even keeep you.
    As always .. enjoy


    1. I have met my match with the colours here!!!!


  4. Just checking on you….and wondering how the orientation went.
    How does one get on your blog – just have NO idea…as Uncle David would not mind keeping track of your journey.
    Love Mum


    1. I sent emma the blog address too…
      just put this addres ino the internet address bar…
      will update the blog tomorrow… only one computer between 10 so dont want to hog it!
      ta for your messages
      s and g


    2. blog address xx


  5. Gord, you’ll be selling the beamer when you get home and taking up the public transport habit!
    Market looks crazy. Orange was a heatwave compared to Cooma today at -8.
    Love Tania


    1. tarn you are treading on thin ice!


  6. See…when it is necessary my son in law can do the “tuff stuff” – public transport a la Peru!!
    It all just sounds unbelievable – the experiences you are having….
    I will be very interested to hear what your volunteering duties will be…love … Mum


    1. gord was a legend with thye pick axe this arvo! and is cooking up a storm in the ktichen


  7. Hi to both of you and great to see your blog and read about all your experiences. I love the ed crocs in the header. Just as John was telling me you were in Peru I was eading a book about a journalist’s life changing treck to Machu Pichu.

    So I hope you get there. I have been looking at pictures of the site since I was about 8 and used to have a penpal in Lima.

    Have lots of fun andtell us all about it.



    1. Wow what is the book called? I am reading one about a Peruvian aussie woman.
      climb machu picchu at end of july…


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