No job too small for volunteer virgins

Yesterday we spent the morning at the school… now dont fall off your chairs but we were assigned to the garden and had to repair the school front fence! The fence will be an ongoing project…

The volunteer house is about a 20 minute bus trip from the centre.

Sunday we were in town checking out breakfast and happened upon a parade.. not sure what it was about but very colourful!

you are never to young to learn a good goose step in Cuzco
you are never to young to learn a good goose step in Cuzco
Nothing like a good dressup and march on a sunday
Nothing like a good dressup and march on a sunday

Monday evening we had a volunteers welcome dinner at a restaurant overlooking Cuzcos plaza des armas… It is a very pretty city.

Thanks to everyone who is sending news too by the way!!!!

xx VV

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8 thoughts on “No job too small for volunteer virgins

  1. flourishboutique July 11, 2009 — 11:05 am

    Great to see the gals have all got on board . Enjoyed reading their comments.
    Look forward to the next update.
    We have just returned from a Large bonfire event in Salamanca Square with a few thousand other Hobartians.. There has been a Festival of Voices over the last 3 days, culminating tonight with a fab turn out. There was a good deal of singing form the crowd as a song from Hunters and Collectors had been available for people to download to learn the words in Prep.
    A wonderful feeling to really sing out loud. The flames would have roared 50 Ft high and even though rain was forecast, it held off for the festivities.. We LOVE Hobart.
    Lots of love Tracey


  2. Hello my Loves….had a great day….Adrian, Lochie and Mihaiela came to K’C this morning for L to play soccer – (a slight shower of rain, but stoicly they played on) – won one/nil. Then came here for breakfast (I had raced up and got croisants)…then we went to Kirra where A had to see about a job….with three balls for us to play in the park….’good once Lochie….’ they all landed up in the branches of a pine….luckily Dad to the rescue….a drink in one of the Kirra cafes and then they dropped me at K’C…and that was the morning gone and MOST enjoyable!!
    Love your reports….checked weather on SBS tonight and you are having sunshine…that is good.
    Truckloads of love….Mum


  3. flourishboutique July 10, 2009 — 12:06 pm

    Amazing descriptions, As I am reading with OOHHS and AHHs Barry is saying “What? What”. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you. The water situation sounds pretty dire, awful. Glad to hear that you will be making a difference. I hope that the bathroom( yours) gets back on line ASAP.
    Spoke to Sally a few times today. They are all very happy that The scan has proved no further problems. They are all playing a waiting game with when surgery can go ahead.
    I also spoke to Lisa and there have been a few changes there re Les’ Job.. I have given her your blog site and hope that she can connect with you. The Boys are home for the Holidays, which will be a welcome distraction.
    All is well in the world of Flourish.
    Sending you love and all the best for the next project. Surely you will get into a routine and the flow of PERU. Missing you . Tracey


  4. Your now on the favourites list as i have slightly caught up with technoloogy!!!
    We are expecting some fluent linguistist when you get back, not that we will know what you are saying anyway, a for the craftmans skills i imagine that Gordon will be being persued by Bunnings for weekend workshops!!
    Love to you both


    1. We are virgins at this too! good to have your messages…thanks! xx


  5. I’m a virgin at this event of blogging, can you believe Lizzie Strange sent this to me for me to keep in contact with you. i will read on with the adventure and i’m sure neitheer of you will disappoint your readers. More to come as i read on…………..


  6. hi darlings – your updates continue to be informative and exciting……and sounds like you are having some wonderful experiences and this is really only the beginning!

    Am going up north next week – guests here from Bermuda went to see Oasis at Wembley last night – they said it was fantastic.

    My youngest niece’s graduation today so family including mam are in Manchester so that will be a nice occasion for them….

    lovely day in London so waiting for guests to get up and then after a breakfast feast we will probably head out for a walk and take in a country pub or two……



  7. Sally and Catherine July 10, 2009 — 5:18 am

    Drinking a champagne toast to you two. Keep up the good work!!
    We are impressed that Gordon has embraced public transport so enthusiastically. There are buses up to Ocean Shores from Orange. Will email you the timetable. Much love from us! ox ox


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