Margaret Thatcher needed in Cuzco

Wednesday the school day was aborted because of a general strike… Gordon was NOT happy… strikes are serious business here and not to be messed with. The roads are blocked with rocks and if you try to get through they throw stones at the vehicles. We stayed around home!

Repairing the Pumamarca school front fence
Repairing the Pumamarca school front fence

Gordon feed everyone pancakes which kept morale up and the ongoing mega carb intake a boost.

We discovered a Spanish version of pictionary and played an hilarious game until late into the night.

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1 thought on “Margaret Thatcher needed in Cuzco

  1. flourishboutique July 12, 2009 — 7:35 am

    Great photo to see your work situation Sonia. I am wondering if you are allowed to design and colour as well.
    Another tip. Are you thinking Jewellery display/ organisation perhaps!!
    ( re the Jewellery holder @ home)
    Anyway, enjoy the good that you are doing and I hope you stay well.
    Lots of love Tracey


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