Salmon and Ella, Gordon and Jane…Shalom

Gordon broke bread with a Rabbi??!!

Where did he find a Rabbi?

Read on…

This is Peru so what can you do…  It has become our mantra…

Gordon fainted while helping Sonia repair the schools front fence…

He was rushed back down the hill to Cuzco where he joined another housemate Jane and they spent 2 nights in the care of the lovely Dr Victor and his team of nurses at the BEST local clinic … by the way the building was being constructed around them!

Gordon auditioning for Greys Anatomy
Gordon auditioning for Greys Anatomy

Both were afflicted with salmonella. They’d do just anything to get out of pick axing!!!

We were expecting someone to get sick but not one of US!

Never mind… Both are home now and armed with tummy drugs and feeling so much better.

It was in the clinic that we came upon the Rabbi…  I thought Gord was hallucinating at first! The Rabbi was there because some Israeli backpackers were ill as well, weird but true.

Shalom… This is Peru, what can you do.

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6 thoughts on “Salmon and Ella, Gordon and Jane…Shalom

  1. that is scary stuff…thank goodness the salmonella was attended to quickly….and I guess the Rabbi may have sent up a prayer or two.
    Visit to Crystal Ck was enjoyable. The committee was very happy I made the effort. When I told them “why” I went…they wished they had thought of putting up Miss Crystal Ck photos!!
    Want to see the next photos of our Gordon – hale and hearty….he better stick to the kitchen and leave you with the fencing Sonia….after all you ARE the farm girl.
    Love Mum


  2. OH no! What will Gord do to get out of a bit of fencing ! Seriously – I hope he is well on the mend – and great to see that it was diagnosed and treated promptly!

    The picture slightly reminds me of that exhibition you and I went to see Sonia at the Southbank many years ago…. 🙂

    Guests from Bermuda just left – we went to Covent Garden and Heddon street for dinner Friday night – Saturday we went to Camden Market which is even bigger and more fabulous than before the fire and then went to the Serpentine Gallery to see an exhibition – Ken Hoon – great…….

    Am off to get ready for the week now – up north tuesday through thursday and then amterdam friday so it will fly……..

    Stay safe and healthy – love you both xx


  3. Our 1st thought was altitude sickness, but salmonella – from the water? something you ate? Hope you’re on the mend Gord. No more auditions for Grey’s Anatomy from EITHER of you! Off to Maroubra tomorrow, staying o’night and going for a ride with Peter on Tuesday. Ben’s off to the snow tomorrow. Ciao. Keep healthy. Love Tania


  4. flourishboutique July 12, 2009 — 7:26 am

    wow, I am so sorry to hear that you have experienced some dramas with your health Gordon. I am relieved to hear that you are on the mend now. Drastic and full on no doubt. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. The medical team sound as if they had all bases covered! Really hoping you are feeling fine albiet starving for some good tucker that is safe and endless clean water on tap. I suppose you can count yourselves as having a real experience now.!!! Hope this week is much better and there are no strikes!
    lots of love Tracey


  5. Hang in there Gordon and Jill – If you can survive Salmonella, anything else life throws at you is a breeze!
    Sonia, you are very brave to make Salmonella jokes….obviously you don’t believe in Karma. I don’t either. Lots of love Sal ( monella). ox


  6. John and Valerie July 12, 2009 — 12:40 am

    Get well soon Gordon, sorry to hear about the salmonella. Perhaps stick with the good old traditional Scottish food. My stomach feels for you.
    On the bright side you would be losing weight, maybe you should take up drinking again just while you are helping the locals.
    Speaking of salmonella, Valerie picked up some tradional food yesterday at the the National Gallery as its NAIDOC week. The food is Kangaroo Tail complete with fur, I’m not sure about it nd I think Jeannie the Sottish Terrior might end up with it.

    Get well soon, great to hear of your adventures

    John and Valerie


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