Gordon has a Peruvian…

Gordon took the notion to a shave on Sunday. The barber was a true artistand spent about 45 minutes giving Gord the smoothest shave ever for $4.

Gord has a Peruvian
Gord has a Peruvian

 Monday and Tuesday took us away to the Sacred Valley.

Sacred Valley down to Urubamba
Sacred Valley down to Urubamba
Wow what a place. Photos can never capture the magnificence of being there. Large parts of sheer mountain sides have been chiseled into steep terraces. Each terrace featured agricultural micro climates. The bottom terrace could support different crops to those at the top… that will give you an idea of how huge these mountains are!
Each terrace supported a different crop according to altitude.  

Did you know there are over 3000 varieties of potato in Peru!

There were also more of the massive, perfectly cut, stones forming part of religious and military structures.
Inca boulders perfectly fitting together
Inca boulders perfectly fitting together
A lot of what we have seen are in ruins because the Spanish ripped most Inca structures down to build churches in Cuzco.
angels in Sunday parade at Cuzco cathedral made of Inca stones
angels??!! in Sunday parade at Cuzco cathedral made of plundered Inca stones

 We did lots of walking during the 2 days up down and across the Sacred Valley so feel much more prepared and acclimatised for the 4 day walk to Machu Picchu Friday week.


On the Sacred Valley tour we also saw how local women use plants for dying wool.  Fascinating seeing cochineal being ground from the cactus and turning wool red before our eyes.

hand dyed balls of yarn
hand dyed balls of yarn

We also tasted Chicha … a local brew … at a pub operation.

Chicha bartender ladeling out pints
Chicha bartender ladling out pints

Next door to the bar was a guinea pig barn.  Please note we have not gone down the road of eating them and will probably not… especially after Silvana our Spanish teacher became sick last week after eating cuy… guinea pig. We have however eaten a lovely alpaca carpaccio.

Our 2 night excursion gave us the chance to have a hot shower, or 3…  and sleep in a warm room with CNN on TV. Funny how the simple things in life can make you smile when they are taken away. We of course have this option where the locals have the daily grind of hard work under the harshest of circumstances.

Gordon trys to blend in!
Gordon tries to blend in!

Tonight we did our Spanish lesson by candle light as had our second blackout… what can you do this is Peru!

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6 thoughts on “Gordon has a Peruvian…

  1. Michelle Fifield July 20, 2009 — 4:47 am

    Hola amiga/o

    My spanish doesnt stretch very far these days but I am mucho muy jealous! Your blog is bringing back lots of memories for me – including a Peruvian salmonella experiece Brett and I both suffered after consuming some “meat” before being tipped around in a small plane over the Nazca lines.

    William sends his love and I am con canzada – hopefully this translates as without sleep!

    Look forward to more storeies


  2. flourishboutique July 19, 2009 — 11:09 am

    Love the photos of the valley and the informative story. It is amazing how wonderful the travel experience can be, now it can be shared and even commented upon. Gone are the good old postcards which often arrived well after you had returned home to tell your stories in person. Thanks for keeping us so up to date.
    I love the reference to the Brazilian. Will you have a chance to get a Peruvian style Massage?
    I know you have managed to enjoy massages in so many different places throughout the world. perhaps you can savour one in Buenos Aries After your long trek.
    Enjoy your last week.
    Lots of love T and b and Liz
    PS Barry is a legend, hardly any pain, great recovery so far. He is hobbling about very well. And he is in great spirits.


  3. Rosemaary Morgan July 18, 2009 — 8:05 am

    Hi Sonia and Gordon,
    what a great read and humour. Sounds like you are having fun. We walked up “bugger Hill” this morning in your honour and to help you up the Inca trail.



  4. I guess better a “peruvian” than a “brazilian.” – your mother is still naughty…as you can see.
    Today enjoyed a U3A walk around Pt Danger to Kirra etc…then I did some research for our next social (senior) outing….back of Tallabudgera came across the Two Fat Chicks cafe – so it is appropriate for us “The Chirpy Chicks” (our group is called). Next outing last Monday in July.
    All good here; weather beautiful ….Phyllis and co were ‘sad’ Gordon was sick…so sent a card to your home address and said to give you their love.
    Tons of my love coming to you too….Mum


  5. Hi guys. What a joy to read your experiences. I’ve avoided you for a while as I was intending to Newcastle then Sunny Coast before returning to the Big O next Tuesday. The flu got the better of me so I’ve been isolated here and Helen in Sydney, unable to drive back. Had forgotten how peaceful it could be on your deathbed without demands. Joking!Joking!
    Can’t believe you thought that CNN was normality …. or did you have to say that because the other Big C would be vetting all correspondence. (Hell, am I in trouble, or you?)
    Love the wonderful honesty of the mudbricks and obvious joy in special occasions. All -inclusive, apparently non-judgemental, achievable . It’s all summed up in the photo of Gordo and his beautiful beenie, not to mention the shorts and, I assume, socks and sandles.
    So how are you and the burrow getting along Gordon?
    I look forward to you next missle (no Mr C, not missile)
    Very jealous. Immersion is a wonderful thing to do. Even more jealous.
    Love to both
    As always ………. enjoy.


  6. Your photos and dialogue are brill – really give a feel for the place. Does it ever rain there? I never really liked guinea pigs, but eating them? Hmmm……
    Love Tania


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