Whipping up a Peruvian storm in the kitchen

One day Santusa… who is also the part time big brother cleaner… took us for a small enjoyable journey through some traditional Peruvian cuisine.

The kitchen where the cooking class was held
A kitchen view where the cooking class was held

Together we made a simple banquet for 12 people and for lunch dined on the following three dishes…

Quinoa potato and cheese soup

Aji de Gallina a chicken pecan spice dish

blender vanilla cake

Housemate Jamie at the stove
Housemate Jamie at the stove.

There were some quite unusual  ingredients…

 We are hoping Jamie who speaks Spanish will be able to get the recipe translated so we can try to recreate them at home.

Housemate Elisa a choppin for the Aji de Gallina
Housemate Elisa a choppin for the Aji de Gallina
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8 thoughts on “Whipping up a Peruvian storm in the kitchen

  1. flourishboutique July 23, 2009 — 11:17 am

    I would love some tips on the Q Seed as well. Can not even spell properly. I will look forward to some follow up cuisine info. Very pleased you didn’t try the guinea pigs. There can’t be much meat on them anyway… surely hardly worth the effort.
    Looking forward to hearing that you have seen the marvels @ the top of the mountain.
    All is well in Hobart, Snow atop Mt Wello today, but two good days @ Flourish. Except as I was closing the shop @ 4.30 , 3 guests arrive unexpectedly!!
    Whoops… they had booked for next week!
    Not our mistake… but awfully uncomfortable none the less. We were full tonight… so they had to seek accommm else where and will be able to stay 2morow.
    I hope this doesn’t happen again. I was in an awful tizz, imagining I had had some terrible lapse. Oh well. Its all new experience. Perhaps for these guests as well.!!
    Fare well to you 2. from we 3. T B and Liz


  2. Hi there,
    how’s things with you?
    your latest holiday has turned into a huge and wonderful adventure yet again !
    the daily updates are keeping us all informed of everything that is going on while you’re away.
    the pictures are colourful and bright, the one with you both in the fancy dress do not do you justice at all and the pictures with you wearing the old mens masks are great 😀
    Only and ex-chef could eat something not to his taste and end up in bed not well, was the manual labour to much for you 🙂
    Mum and Dad have both tried to get onto the web-page but they are finding it difficult and are asking for you both.
    Things are going great over here, everyone is well, should have a new address for you in the next month or so. Watch this space.
    Lots of love from Scotland ❤
    The Muirs xx


  3. Do not worry about guinea pig recipes; but the ‘feast’ you helped create…..sounds yummy….am very interested in the quinoa creation; and any other ideas you come across for the wonderful little seed.
    Just back from the Respite cottage – kitchen hand again today – that is ok…love…Mum


    1. they have thosuands of varieties of Quinoa… mainly use it for soup… very yummy… xx


  4. Hello, don’t worry I’ve surprised myself! Sally phoned tonight & updated me on her mum, she left hospital today & seems to be doing well. She then told me about your blog, I really didnt think you’d have such regular access to technology! What a wonderful experience you’re living! You’re doing a lot of hard work! and your photos really bring your trip to life for us here. Our scene will be in next weeks Packed to the Rafters TV show! Sarah & I will be available for autographs! Now we do sound trivial in comparison! Take care xx


    1. flourishboutique July 23, 2009 — 11:19 am

      Nice to hear that things are going well with you Mary. I hope the TV experience is a really good one. I hope to catch the episode. All the best to you and Yours,
      Tracey in Tassie


  5. Yeh fine. You get all the help you need assembling the meal and “the boys” are here at home having no idea what to have for dinner after snooker this week. We don’t even know where we are going. You didn’t book somewhere before you left, did you? I guess we’ll manage. Tossing a coin after using a pin in the yellow pages should give us some direction, so don’t worry. Enjoy your food. Dr Michael’s in Sydney so he’ll be okay. Enjoy, as always.


  6. Hey there – just shutting down from work and thought I would check the latest update and I had a lot to catch up on……!

    Big week last week – up north and then to Amsterdam – the trip up north went as well as could be expected.

    Lovely to see Jan and Tony in Amsterdam although Tony was/is not happy as his luggage got lost and still has not shown up so that doesn’t look good….. 😦 They have another two days in Amsterdam and then head to Brussels before heading to Lyon and then to the Barn……

    Gord – I think you look much more respectable on a camel than an ass!!!!

    Catch my tail week this week……



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