It had to happen… munching on a local delicacy.


Cute little fellows aren’t they!

Well it was only a matter of time before curiosity got the better of someone in the group, in this case it was Liz, the Aussie with a cast iron constitution.

and after...
and after...

Apparently cuy tastes like greasy chicken, duck, pork… you name it!

I think the pic says it all… YUK!

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3 thoughts on “It had to happen… munching on a local delicacy.

  1. Looks a lots more appertising than the questionable plate we had at a certain ‘honestly family’ restaurant after snooker last Wed.


  2. Had heard that this was a delicacy but was hoping that it was just an urban myth! Apparently not!

    Been reading the blog, looks like you are having and sharing a wonderful experience.

    Take care


  3. Honestly,in Dalby at the start of a plague I’d think, aww, cute little mice – but by the end I was killing them with the back of a shovel with the best of them! And as Pat says, crumb and deep fry anything and it’s edible! We had a great couple of days in Melbourne. The Salvador Dali Exhibition was sensational. Had dinner with David and Anne which was good. Melbourne has such a European air – I can see why Dad liked it so much.
    Love Tania


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