Futbol… Lake Titi v the rest of the world

During our trip to Lake Titicaca Gordon got into a game of futbol with locals and a motley group of global visitors also staying the night on Amantani island…

striker Muir moves in...
striker Muir moves in...

The away team consisted of a handful of Americans students, a couple of Spanish, the odd English, some Aussies of course, and one Scottish bloke who, until the final score, would not declare his nationality.

The extremely talented locals took it as a training exercise for their upcoming 15 day competition… they were GOOD! … the away mob were certainly disadvantaged as the Americans has never seen a game played, let alone taken part in one.

There were some interesting moments and the not quite capacity… crowd of 20, enjoyed several goals from both sides, including a hat trick from star striker Gordon, who skilfully manoeuvred his magnificent shots through the defence of the two foot tall six year old goal keeper.

What a star!

These goals were by far the highlight… you could tell by the raging applause from the 99 year old bloke sitting on the side line… 

The crowd raged... man on right is 99!
The crowd raged... man on right is 99!

Please remember we were 4000 plus metres above sea level where just walking makes you catch your breath, so all things considered we thoroughly deserved the win…

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3 thoughts on “Futbol… Lake Titi v the rest of the world

  1. So was the Englishman odd or alone. They are like that and we know what the Scots think of them ayway. Well done Gordon roll on South Africa!


  2. Damn, Anita beat me to it!


  3. Gordon Beckham – has a certain ring to it…..


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