Give me a home among the reed trees

There are actually no trees but we needed the rhyme!

Spending two days on this exquisite Lake Titicaca is a glimpse into the past pre Incan times.

We took a tour, yes! another organised tour, of about 40 people… and Gordon survived yet again… Is it becoming a habit?

The first day we boarded a small chugalug boat and popped in to see the Uros families who actually live on these floating reed islands.

A new set for Gilligans Island perhaps?
A new set for Gilligans Island perhaps?

These are manmade really truly floating islands built by the locals to hide from the Incas.  Spending your whole life walking on spongy reeds would definitely be a weird experience.

reed home sweet reed home
reed home sweet reed home

The Uros welcome visitors and encouraged us to look into their reed huts and capture images of their lives.

Inside a wee reed home
Inside a wee reed home

They even dressed us in their costumes… yes I know its a very tourist thing, but we did stop at buying some reed real estate… and it was actually quite fun… probably a laugh for them as well… seeing gringos donning their garb. I felt a bit like a before shot for weight watchers or Jenny Craig!!!

You know how we LOVE to dress up!
You know how we LOVE to dress up!

After our short snack on a reed… tasted a bit like celery… we took a short  reed ferry ride to another reed island… and yep we did pay the reed ferry man!

The second reed island hosted a whole reed infrastructure… including a reed post office, reed passport stamping station, reed school, reed shops and a reed restaurant.  We bought some reed designed mats from some reed ladies to top off a reeding day.

reed ferry
reed ferry

Lake Titicaca is HUGE! It is the worlds highest lake, is up to 284 m deep and covers over 8500 square km.

Hope you make it here one reeding day!

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4 thoughts on “Give me a home among the reed trees

  1. A fabulous account of the reed experience What a delight. Let Gordon choose fist next time The pink would have suited him better and we know you look good in anything Sonia.


  2. I just cannot believe how fantastic your adventure is….when your friend Peter went to Sth America – did not whet my appetite at all – but your reports are just so interesting and informative…..that is what I enjoy (as you well know) being with the local folk in their environment… it all….Mum


  3. flourishboutique July 23, 2009 — 5:21 am

    Oh how fab, love the image of you two the most. How much fun. A total culture within a culture. And @ least you had a fun time with so many other options, re organised tours, this must have been a rewarding one.
    Rather incredible to imagine the whole world to these people is so unusual to others.
    Thinking of you for tomorrow and your climb. hoping the weather is kind to you and that this amazing ascent is all that you are both hoping for, Sending you lots and lots of love. How amazing….. You are making your dreams come true. You are and will always be such an inspiration to me ans d so many others. All my love Tracey


  4. Oh my – pink to make the boys wink ! 🙂 You both look fabulous ! Am getting a bit nervous reeding (get it!) these blogs just incase you tell me that Gord is going to have a change in career and become a tour guide 🙂

    Jan and Tony on way to France WITH clean underwear….. will be in Lyon for a couple of days and then they are off to the barn.

    Just been to the gym – had coffee and now just catching up with work…..

    Keep em coming…..xx


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