My island home… for a night

A night spent under a million stars including the southern cross constellation on Amantani Island was a humbling experience.

Amantani welcome committee
Amantani welcome committee

We stayed with Almondo and Rebekah, their three children Lise, Judith and Ryan… and 92 year old grandma who lived in a small house right next door.

Our hosts Lise, Judith and Ryan
Our hosts Lise, Judith and Ryan

The three kids were so affectionate and the family very hospitable.

The walk from the port to their house took about 40 minutes as it was so steep and with altitude thrown in… exhausting.

our house in the middle of our street!
our house with a balcony and view over the front garden


our comfy first floor room
our comfy first floor room

 The room was comfortable although I made sure Gordon slept with me as it was very cold… frost on the ground in the morning and the loo a good 20 metres from our upstairs room. There was no electricity but candlelight dinners are so romantic anyway.

Gordon does the flying poncho jig with Lise
Gordon does the flying poncho jig with Lise
Sonia and friends still auditioning for Jenny Craig!
Sonia and friends still auditioning for Jenny Craig!

In the evening it was dress ups again and grooving to the pan pipe band in the communal hall.

Each host family provided a simple lunch of beautiful qunioa soup followed by grilled cheese, rice and home grown potatoes all cooked … from scratch using simple utensils… on a fire in the corner of the kitchen. Dinner was similarly delicious and for breakfast we ate yummy pancakes.

We have just so much to be grateful for…

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4 thoughts on “My island home… for a night

  1. Son and gordy
    what an amazing trip. Just love the colours and that embroidery! As veronica says – you look right at home in the layered dress ups. Maybe we can have peruvian party when you get back – can trawl the cupboards and you can let us know on earth we are saying with our hats, shawls and skirts.
    Dress is a powerful message – just reading of the UN journalist in Sudan facing the lash for wearing trousers.
    Will be wonderful to see you again


  2. Glad to have touched base and now feel connected again. Your pics are fantastic and I love all those colours. The stories re the clothing ( Trad) and how significant each component is with regard to Marriage is quite wonderful. The images of the characters you have met really give us an insight.
    I love the views of the mountains as well.
    Stunning no doubt.
    Hope that you continue to be well and are powering through your new weekly adventures. Lizzie and I go to Melb for the big Xmas lead up trade fair on Saturday. This will be my 3rd Xmas @ Flourish and I am still quite amazed by that. Although it is 5 months away prep has begun.
    Liz will stay with Mark and Laura to spend some quality time with her young cousins.
    We will spend Wed together. It should be fun to show Lizzie some of my fav spots in melb city.
    I hope that I can find some lovely new stock.
    I feel almost ready for the onslaught again. Business was really good last week and My spirits are buoyed. Barry is powering , he and I even did some paid work on top of a roof today. It was a good team effort. After that I managed some quiet reading???!!!! and later some clay work to restock. WOW. Off to cook a Moroccan lamb dish for dinner and stoke the fire.
    Still nice and chilly here.
    Lots of love from
    Tracey , Barry and Liz.


  3. Your photos are so amazing and give a real taste of the life there. Colour is certainly a feature. Not a beige thing in sight! Holidays are almost over, sadly. Pat and I had a great ride to Rous Hill today under a cloudless sky. We picnicked (Ileana style) by the river at Yarramundi. (no tuica though!)


  4. Tailor made for you guys – all the dressing up opportunities – maybe next time you plan such a function (back home) – your theme can be International costume….with ????guess where I come from.
    Keep photos coming – superb….Mum


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