homeward bound via 30,000 shops

In Buenos Aires…

Last blog entry before we are home… camera stuffed… we survived Inka Trek… pics to follow… three days and nights of rain… still having therapy but got to see sunrise over Machu Picchu so worth the pain!

Home on weekend… thanks again for everyone who responded MUCH appreciated!

xx sonia and gordon…

…off to buy more shoes, shirts and souvenirs and NO CAMPING shops!!!

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10 thoughts on “homeward bound via 30,000 shops

  1. ps have spent the arvo reading back thru blog, in between buzzing about with kids (D in army) – as got a bit busy the past 10days & missed quite a few entries! Trouble is I can only pick up laptop wireless when I perch myself at top of stairs! Which amazes Sarah. Still, not complaining,very appreciative of computer roll out scheme. Sarah’s TV appearance has opened up a lot of honest dialogue with others, generally people have an outdated & misinformed knowledge of children with Down syndrome, & they are quite surprised with current facts – the Packed to the Rafters episode presented a balanced discussion which we were happy with as parents. Pity Ch7s morning show were a bit dopey with stereotyping. I have been invited to submit an article for the association’s magazine, so must get onto it. Cheers, enjoy the weekend, hope you don’t have work Mon. Mary xx


  2. Wow those 5-6wks have sped by for us, but am sure you will savour your experiences…well we’re sure Gorkon wants to forget a few! Thought I should catch up with all your news before I phone, very pleased you are safe & well, welcome home. You’ll certainly have a lot of material as a guest speaker! and your photos are splendid, look forward to seeing some in SMH! Sarah is parading around in sunglasses & a tutu as you do when you’re a TV star! Actually she looks not unlike some your shots with the women in colourful dress! Talk soon, Mary et al xx


  3. Welcome home……. xx


  4. sorry to have been off line for a few days, spending up big @ the Melb Trade fair…. I feel like I have trekked as well!!!Totally exhausted and brain is very fried. I am glad that you will be back soon and am looking forward to speaking to you once you have settled in. Sooo proud of you two. Sorry to hear that the weather was not kind to you. I am hoping that the site was a real treasure and how you had hoped and imagined.


  5. It’ll be good to see you guys. We’re off to Newy again with a planned return about 16th. You will have dried out and be rested by than. Safe travelling.


  6. Hello my dears….I will be so very happy to have you both on my continent…..but am sure pleased you survived it all….and do hope Gordon you enjoyed most of it….I will take to Tania – when I see her – her comment….very naughty….lots of love….Mum


  7. Wow. Your adventure is almost over. Gordi – I’m planning an over -night camping trek to Mt Solitary in September. Are you in???


  8. What bad luck it rained, it takes the shine of things doesn’t it. We had one night of rain when camping near Kings Canyon, so we have an idea of packing up wet etc.
    Will love to see your pictures of the trek!
    What a pair of STARS!!!!!

    J. xxxx


  9. John and Valerie August 2, 2009 — 10:42 pm

    Congratulations on suriving the challenge, a month already, how time flys! Imagine Gordon has now turned into the a Hugh Jackman look alike with all his trecking and fasting.
    Great blogs and certainly beats waiting for postcards to arrive after you have come home. Look forward to seeing you soon.

    John, Valerie, Heather, Jeannie, Jaffa and Maclary (Our new Hairy Jack Russel)


  10. shame about the rain but still a wonderful experience no doubt…….can’t wait to see the pictures…….

    What mission is Gord on to purchase this time?

    Have you managed to fit in a tango yet?

    Enjoy your last few days and have a safe journey home – talk to you when you have dried out 🙂



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