Where’s Wally??!! Or Sonia and Gordon!!!


You will need to look very carefully to find us… In the previous photo… We are… Way down the back of the group in the middle. Our week in Canberra was inspirational… 160 volunteers going all over the globe. My geography has improved incredibly. Who knows where Dominica is??? Gold star if you even realised it is NOT the Dominican Republic!!! Both are in the Caribbean and a long way from OZ!!We covered all sorts of topics like health, safety and security as well as being briefed by two women … One was Tongan and in Canberra studying the other was a returned volunteer who had been in tonga recently. It was terrific for cultural awareness and Q&A.It was good to meet the other 6 going to Tonga as well… We have a diverse and interesting little crew.

My fold up bike has arrived in it’s box… Hopefully we can put it together over there.
The bags are filling fast with bits and pieces and we shall need to pay excess luggage but that was to be expected.
Thanks again to all those girlies who contributed to the recent opshopswap night. through their generosity I managed to raise $350 which will help pay for some of the gear as well as airline costs… And got some new clothes as well!!!
Its all good.

1 thought on “Where’s Wally??!! Or Sonia and Gordon!!!

  1. Helen Snodgrass March 12, 2013 — 10:39 am

    Truely citizens of the world. Would we all were, as Old Bill would say.(No, Gordon, not the English copper!)


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