Day One Fafa Island Easter in Tonga

imageRobert Louis Stevenson was onto something when he wrote Treasure Island… And we reckon FaFa feels like our own little treasured piece of the Pacific. As I write this we are sitting on a platform over the sand with the gentle tide lapping in as the final Good Friday sun rays create a pinkish blush behind a small atoll nearby. Perfection is too corny a word for this setting but that is just how it feels.. The ambience, temperature, soft breeze and local Mata Maka beer and Tropical Island cocktail may be helping… or maybe the gin and tonic I had earlier in the hammock… Who cares… We are enjoying the luxury of this little simple eco resort.
The day started with TOAST and poached eggs in bed courtesy of Kotoni. Our landlady Saane had offered to drive us to the ferry but the timing clashed with church so we trundled along with our suitcase and walked to the wharf. The little Fafa skiff picked us up at 11am and we were on the island and in our beachside wooden colonial fale by 11.45… Feels like another world.
All modern comforts, no TV, solar power, outdoor bathroom surrounded by a garden on two sides… What more do you need. the bed also faetures a mosquito net to add to the tropical romance.
After a siesta… Well we had walked for at least 20 minutes this morning… had lunch at the one restaurant overlooking the ocean. There were a few day trippers as well. There are only 13 vales so it is very small. A 360 walk around the island while the tide was out took about half and hour at a very snail pace. After all that exertion we lay down for another siesta then swim as the tide was well on its way in… Kotoni even went in so that shows how warm the water was!
A stroll through the bush to the restaurant for our dinner of grilled lobster, roast beef, freshly baked bread and fresh toasted coconut while slurping our drinks. That is when we discovered the FAST and FREE internet!!!
Now that was a bonus we were not expecting… Will take some pics tomorrow of our new home so everyone can drool over their chocolate eggs… Which we don’t have but wow there is actually more to life than chocolate Jann Gardner!!! We are hoping the usual Easter bunny surprises grace our doorstep sunday morning …It can’t be that hard to deliver them from Kirribilli Sydney… this year’s Easter dress up destination that we shall be missing!

5 thoughts on “Day One Fafa Island Easter in Tonga

  1. Paradise! Soo can’t wait to visit. xx


  2. What an Idyllic and beautiful place to be staying. So glad that you are making the very most of your time away. How divine. Your tales are simply wonderful. Happy Easter. We were camping and making the most of a couple of family nights away. Total waterfront, but windy and true Tasmania Easter weather. Now we are home nestled warmly and roasting pork with all the trimmings. Ahh…. so sending lots of love.


  3. Vaughan Davies and Helen Snodgrass March 30, 2013 — 5:00 pm

    You do have a flair for sharing your life. How beautiful. Please continue; at your new leisurely pace, of course. Now, in your own time ………… (don’t forget to breathe)


  4. Enjoy it while it lasts — I will eve as we fly past on Wednesday. Joe


  5. Looks positively idealic all right. But then again we had a pretty good view of our palm garden from the roof where we were perched for most of the day! Mum cooked a yummy bangers and mash dinner. She’s earning her keep as cook, cleaner and chief bottle washer. We’re under tarps tonight, so like camping! Weather permitting, the tin will go on tomorrow. We (not Pat as he was working on the roof by 7.30) had a leisurely start, taking the boys to the train then had a coffee in Springwood. So it’s not all work. Ciao. Love Tania


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