Bye bye Fafa… And your internet!!!

1 April Easter monday and back to Nuku’alofa
No rain last night and a lovely sunrise to herald the start of the day… It was all off to a good start. Even Kotoni’s cold is a little better.
After breakfast we took a canoe around the island. I mainly supervised from the front while Kotoni got his shoulders into it.
More R&R, snorkelling, reading and eating fish before getting the last boat back to the mainland…
We will be back Fafa!

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5 thoughts on “Bye bye Fafa… And your internet!!!

  1. Fafa resortville looks lovely and a great location for an Easter getaway, we went to Cowra, lovely to join your blog and catch up on all your news.suexxx


  2. Andrew Kennedy April 2, 2013 — 4:34 am

    Hey Sonia and Gordo, greetings from ak!
    Stockings have been racked, mouse racked and dpi done and dusted!

    Sounds as though you’re having a hoot or was it just a resort junket?


  3. Exactly what Tracey said – how a tropical island should be. Well, Day 4 of Easter and roofing and still fine. We are SOOOOO lucky. We still have a tarp on the top bit as we ran out of tin…….shame! It meant I had the afternoon off so what is one to do but make coconut ice! Ciao.


  4. Thanks for all the news XX TT Happy Easter Monday.


  5. Helen Snodgrass April 1, 2013 — 4:17 am

    Ahhhh, sounds lovely! Ours was family, jet lag recovery, and V taking gastrolite and drinking hydrolite…for obvious reasons. Lovely to be home xxx


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