Day three Easter Sunday on Fafa Island… still no chocolate!

Kotoni a rare type of Tongan palangi
Kotoni a rare type of Tongan palangi

OMG not so rare...there is another one!
OMG not so rare…there is another one!

Today the snorkels got a workout before lunch while the sun burst through the clouds and the wind dropped. The water was Dubai warm and we just floated with the tide like flotsam and jetsam checking out the colourful fish before an afternoon of reading and more relaxing in between the intermittent rain showers. So glad we could escape to fafa island where we are even allowed to show our shoulders and knees… although my swimming costume has become a bit indecent from the orange aqua classes pool chemicals and the lycra has collapsed…lucky i have some board shorts with me or I could get deported for showing more than my knees!
It certainly was a day for physical activities as we also ‘hiked’ (haha) across the island… The total expedition took about 20 minutes… So of course we then needed a swing in the hammock to recover and get our breath back.
Fish for lunch, fish for dinner… it is so understandably fresh I can’t resist having it at every meal.
We had a chat with the Austrian co-owner Heidi. She has been here for 11 years and runs the resort with another couple. They take six month ‘turns’ working at Fafa then six months off. We flagged whether they would take any work experience students and it sounds like a possibility so we will investigate further when Kotoni goes back to work… We would of course then just have to visit again to supervise…
We strolled back to our vale in the evening under a canopy of stars… Perhaps a good sign for a sunny start for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day three Easter Sunday on Fafa Island… still no chocolate!

  1. Vaughan Davies and Helen Snodgrass April 1, 2013 — 11:36 am

    Beautiful. Will look forward to experiencing it. love.


  2. It all sounds bloody good to me. Barry says it would be perfect, esp the fish for lunch fish for tea. We will certainly be visiting this little spot when we come to see you later in the year. Sept school hols look like the go. XX sending love TT


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