Life at the suburban Tongan taro farm!

Friday 5th
My day at home… Woke up with a failing voice maybe getting a cold too. Made Kotoni some french toast and avocado and saw him off to work. Cleaned a few louvred windows before Lolo and Saane came over to weed the taro patch that is outside our bedroom window… Lolo owns about 7 acres of land which is a very valuable asset. He leases out some to a shop, some to the happy clappers next door and then there are our two rental houses. Because Lolo’s elder brother has no children Lolo has rights to the land… That is the law. He told me that some years back his brother had tried to sell some land but Lolo was able to stop the sale because of this traditional land ownership legal arrangement. Quiet night as Kotoni had a half day..end of semester.

Saturday 6 April
Kotoni whipped up some banana pancakes for breaky (with Rage TV on in the background… just to add the surrealism).
While back in Orange Gordon and I would usually spend Saturdays going for a coffee walk then heading home to read the newspapers and do odd jobs around home. We wondered what the routine may look like once in Tonga. Well the only difference seems to be the lack of newspapers,!
This morning there was also a rotary children’s fair so we called in there after a coffee and grabbing some ‘kibble’ bread from the bakery (you have to get there early or it sells out and the white bread is pretty airy). We ran into a few people around town including Brett the High Commissioner at the market.
Decided to grab a video to see how it would go on the laptop. The ‘video shops’ here are really places where they copy movies onto discs that you buy for a couple of dollars ($1.80 Aus) . We had selected ‘The perks of being a wall flower’ and found the recording was visually great but had trouble getting the sound very loud… Oh and you have to ignore the occasional text message that comes up stating this is a festival copy and not for copying or distribution!

2 thoughts on “Life at the suburban Tongan taro farm!

  1. Veronica pansaru April 8, 2013 — 2:09 am

    All sounds quite surreal….and a world away from home…BUT also .” Easy to Take” for a lenght of time!! Hope the voice has returned and the cold has departed…love..Mum..xx


  2. Sounds like a lovely weekend. Restful and routine starting to kick in. You seem to have nestled beautifully into your new home and the food stories make me feel very pedestrian. We had a very hard working weekend, finally being able to get out to Carlton to burn 12 months worth of clippings, gum tree branches and other float-some from the garden. It was a massive effort, as we have had to wait for the conditions to be safe after the horror of the summer bush fires. Even so, a Police car drove by, I suppose to double check. We tended the fire for several hours, keeping it small and managed. Then we cooked potatoes in foil and relaxed by the coals till it was safe to head indoors. The garden looks so much better, all tidy and ready for our next collection. We also planted some large Yukka pieces which needed pruning so we feel sore but happy from all our efforts. We all agree Gardening is the hardest of all maintenance work.We have some good forward bookings at Marli, which is pleasing and inspiration for keeping all nice and tidy. The River was beautiful with numerous birds and baby cockatoos being fed in our gum tree. A nice break from the city.
    Sending lots of love TT


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