Getting known on our patch

Sunday 7 April
Thought today we would try the church around the corner from us. It is on the route to ‘Ahopanilolo so thought this could be a way of getting to know a few locals in our ‘patch’. The singing is lovely although we have no idea what they are saying it is a nice hour of just ‘being’ although not sure we will go every single week!
The rest of the day we lazed around reading and even watched a bit of TV as ABC’s QandA seems to be a regular for Sunday. 🙂
Another volunteer Sally popped in to collect her pushie we had been storing… Dinner was some sweet potato (compliments of Saane our landlady) onions and eggs on toast. The stove is still a bit frustrating but I am hoping the situation may improve by either a new stove altogether or this one being fixed – my least preferred option.

Monday 8 April
Kotoni off to prepare for the Pot Luck Restaurant student training dinner tonight and me to tackle the banking and internet… Hours later I emerged a little triumphant having been able to transfer some funds across to Tonga so we are in the money again…. Phew!
Saane came over with our monthly electricity account… $42TOP which she is happy to pay for me when she goes and pays her account. Thank goodness as I think it takes ages. We still haven’t had a water account. Accounts are read and left on people’s front gates… It saves postage i guess!
The Pot Luck French themed dinner tonight will hopefully come together… there did not seem to be a marketing strategy so on Friday I wrote a little press release and then we hand delivered it to the radio station. Unbeknown to me you pay by the word. It cost $50TOP (quite hefty) for them to read out my release (about 2 mins) twice. Not sure that it is worth it but we decided to fund it anyway and see whether it threw up any new customers. One of the teacher’s fathers heard the Thursday announcement at least we know it was broadcast!
Monday has become my shopping day… I headed off on my trusty steed (bicycle) armed with our goody list to two supermarkets (I use that term in the broadest sense of its definition… Please dont envisage Woolworth’s, Coles or IGA!) to gather some basics like jam, coffee and powdered milk… along with a couple of Chinese grocery stores that sell other adhoc bits and pieces like cans of American peanuts we have found to be a treat. I felt extra lucky today as found some NZ cheese on special that was not mouldy or out of date until next week. At about $3Aus for 250g it was good value. Dairy products here are very expensive. I also tried to find soda water but to no avail… However my gin and tonic fetish can live on as located a bottle of mixer :-).

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2 thoughts on “Getting known on our patch

  1. Love your BLOGS! So interesting! xx


  2. Veronica pansaru April 10, 2013 — 4:09 am

    What a joy to see printed word from you….alright!! Technology has its place in my life…but it not need not be all consuming…unless it means connecting with my darling children!!!
    Reading the blog it makes one realise how easily we can survive with simple ‘ingredients’ on our shopping list…love…xx


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