Kotoni: guest blog: french dinner at pot luck

imagePot luck french dinner with a touch of Tonga
Guest reporter.
Initial feedback indicates the ‘French evening with a touch of Tonga ‘ dinner went well.
The Pot Luck restaurant runs fund-raising dinners, in conjunction with students training, twice per month.
As this was my first since starting at the college there was some slight nerves, anticipation and excitement as the day unfolded and last-minute changes were made when the shopping came back, from the market, with reports that some ingredient were unavailable.
Coconut featured heavily on the menu and students were encouraged to use imagination, knife skills and quick thinking when faced with limited ingredients, changes to the canapé selection and a fluctuation in customer numbers.
With the assistance of fellow volunteers we boosted our guest numbers to about 35 which was a good figure not only to create an atmosphere but also gave the students a reasonably full restaurant in which to hone their customer skills. image
On top of a 4 course meal guests were presented with a floor show consisting of traditional dance, live music and singing along with a fakaleiti (he/she) floor show and fire eating not a bad night out for $30TOP.
The evening was also a chance to network with other agencies, and resort owners, who had turned out for the dinner. Looking forward to following up with potential employers for the students.

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