Tapa cloth, clam farm and good news!

Thursday 11 April

(a rare Kotoni in his natural habitat)

Ever since we arrived and settled into Tonga we have been trying to identify the many sounds… there are the roosters who have no idea of when it is actually dawn… the grunting pigs, the squeaking geckos and this constant pounding noise of wood on wood. Well Atata island village has solve that wee mystery.
I discovered on our walk that it is women making tapa cloth. This is made by pounding and pounding…and pounding a bark of some type very thinly over time… Then eventually decorating it with dyes in traditional patterns. It is much coveted and takes a long time to make and deteriorates over time.
3 hour breakfast featured a lovely Facetime with Sonia’s Mum and Gordon’s parents :-). It is currently snowing in Scotland…
On our wee walk to the island village we discovered one of Gordon college student’s lives here. Her aunty has been serving us! Luckily Kotoni was here with me and not some floozy he picked up.
The water temperature is very divine. The flies and mossies not so idyllic!
The four dogs here keep looking at us with mournful eyes at every meal… We succumbed at lunch and they actually love bananas… Must be true Tongan canines.
Snorkelling this afternoon was to an old clam farm… They were huge. The biggest one can’t be picked up by three grown men. The farm is no longer functioning and it is illegal to take clams from the sea.
Afternoon nap, swim, gin and tonic before fish dinner, being serenaded by the band and watching another spectacular sunset.
Best news is that mum is coming to Tonga 7 May!!!!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Tapa cloth, clam farm and good news!

  1. Sounds totally divine. Glad that you have had the chance to see Tapa cloth being made. It is so stunning. I have been inspired by a recent exhibit at MONA, to include some of these stunning geometric designs within a new programme and construct some beautiful sculptures using the basic idea for the pattern making . Hoping all is well. XX TT


  2. Love the photo. My dogs loved bananas, strawberries and grapes. One didn’t like carrots and would spit them out. lol So love the BLOGS!


  3. Hi Sonia and Gordon, have been enjoying all your posts and photos, keep them coming. Cant believe your first month is almost up, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?
    Tracy from Winmalee xx


  4. A BRILL photo Gordi! Jacques Cousteau step aside! Dogs eatilng bananas…..maybe we should have tried that on Curly Sonia! Love Tania


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