Monday 15 April
Disaster: the bakery is out of kibble bread until we are not sure when. Boo hoo… Just when I found out where to get it!!!
Rubber thongs are ubiquitous in Tonga for all events even church.
I broke my lovely red ones on Atata Island.
Trying to walk with 11/2 thongs with a broken toe bit no longer attached to the sole is not easy but I hadn’t bothered to bring a change of shoes… so just adapted. I quickly developed a lovely walking style to incorporate my disabled footwear that kind-of worked… And I even managed to walk home from the ferry with a unique drag and shuffle action. I Think I am turning Tongan and becoming a mistress of invention!
The trip home was very rough but my Kotoni seems to have found some sea legs and coped OK as we surfed and thumped over the waves.
received a wee parcel from Mum today… a cup tea strainer and lemon myrtle tea… Divine. Haven’t located a teapot yet so now I have a strainer I can hoe into the T2 boxes I brought!!

Tuesday 16 April
Today we declared war on enemy number one…. Tongan centipedes. All orifices to the house interior have been covered in moretein surface spray in a bid to keep them from entering our domain. Last night we had a personal best (pb) about 30 ended up down the loo. They move swiftly and just when we thought we had tossed the last specimen to its watery death another would appear on the floor or wall. They won’t bite or sting but just give me the creeps. Hoping this strategy works.
Had two visitors This evening…ran into Dunstan, a young uni student NZ volunteer who lives up the road coming home on his bike and Sky one of our Aussie group volunteers who will be renting the house next door to us with Sally. Both interesting stories to share.
Today at college Kotoni helped a catering class make meals which they sell to families in the community as a fund raiser and I wrote Pot Luck flier and drafted a feedback form before we headed to town for an ice cream and to check out the bank which has finally… Finally… Finally got our funds transferred to Tonga from Australia…yippee doo dah. It only took 4 weeks!

Wednesday 17 April
Finised my latest read last night… Ken Follet’s ‘World Without End’ a fabulous medieval tome over 1237 glorious pages… Bryce Courtney is next his ‘The Story of Danny Dunn’ set in Balmain in the 20s onwards will seem like a short story.
Dramas at college with 4 female students being suspended… Tomorrow I will be transformed into a counsellor for one girl who will also be doing ‘hard labour’ house cleaning at the convent for the week. Their parents have been asked to come to college to negotiate the best way forward. Many have problems at home so it is a delicate dance which Sister Anuncia does very well.
Tina the Deputy Head has granted us a half day leave to attend the first day of the huge annual inter-school sports carnival being held in Nuku’alofa.

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5 thoughts on “Slinkies

  1. Wow there is so much going on. I do hope that you find some new thongs. perhaps I can send you some!!!!. I have been wondering what your allowed to send/ bring into Tonga. I caught up with the lovely Brian and sally on Sunday for a deilshus hour. Just wonderful. She and I have discussed the idea of coming to Tonga together. I have talked about it with Barry and it sounds like it may be the best way to visit. So if all goes to plan. I think we will be visiting as a girls contingent. Stay tuned and in the meantime…. can we send certain foodstuffs, like spices or condiments for you ?? Would be very sad if they were stopped @ Customs !!!!! All the best with the naughty student liaison and support. I am sure they are good girls at heart. XX sending lots of love TT


  2. It is truly wonderful to read about your experiences. Hope you and Gordon have a safe time in Tonga and wish you the best of luck with your efforts.


  3. Helen Snodgrass April 17, 2013 — 2:54 am

    I imagine you realised it was Vaughan instead of Helen. Ha, firepit and hearing aids….Ha.


  4. Helen Snodgrass April 17, 2013 — 2:52 am

    The blog continues to entertain us, Sonia and it was lovely to hear the recording of the ABC interview, Kotoni, We really look forward to your reports.
    Hannah’s in Armidale at uni for 10 days pharmacy school so we are helping James with the kids. It was the usual weekly swimming lessons this morning. They are all having a snooze at the moment. Brad and girlfriend Tay are also here for a week from The Sunshine Coast. As always, it’s all go. Oh yes, I bought some hearing aids online from Blamey and Saunders in Melbourne. They are a newish technology and can be adjusted to suit your own needs by hooking them up to your computer via an external drive-like attachment. Even their top of the range, that I bought, is less than half the price of the usual, conventional models. Blamey was the guy who led the team that developed the cochlea implant technology so his cred is good. Anyway they work well and fit into my love of gadgets… as well as my ears of course. Finally diagnosed my tummy problem as giardia and got rid of it with a one blast of 4 antibiotics. A gift from India I didn’t need, that’s for sure. Time to plan the backyard firepit as autumn is just beginning to make its presence felt. Chat soon. Love.


  5. Loving reading about your adventures in Tonga! Those centipedes sound awful. We’re getting reacquainted with great Aussie wildlife in a similar way… Enjoy the tea and shout if there’s anything we can send you in a care package from Port. Lots of hugs from us xxx


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