Antics on and off the sports field tongan style

Tongan inter school sports day
Walking the gauntlet of food stalls we made our way to the entry gate of the rugby field. This annual three-day event is huge and the TV devoted endless coverage of various heats and finals.
We estimated maybe 8,000 spectators were involved with the entire stadium and surrounding hillocks covered with parents and or schools.
$5TOP guaranteed a concrete possie in the stadium and shade! A good investment so we coughed up and headed off to watch the hurdles, discus, high jump, javelin, shot-put and high jump.
There was an air of the Olympics and a great show of competitiveness not only on the field but in the entertaining antics of cheerleaders getting their school revved up with dancing, drumming and singing. It is very fun to watch and apparently can get a little heated although we only saw goodwill.
In the stadium there was also an endless supply of ‘soccer mums’ yelling their children on.
We sat next to a woman with 5 boys… Not sure if she was, mum, aunty, grandma or a combo of the above. Anyway she had her hands full so Kotoni and I nursed the baby while she fed the others from a large plastic bucket (KFCish chicken and taro or yam) served in a crockery bowl and real forks… a refreshing change to all the takeaway detritus we see everywhere..
It was an incredibly hot day and many a young woman had to be helped off the track nearing collapse.
Kotoni and I had to come home for a sleep too… Well it is hard work taking pictures and we did do a circuit of the oval!

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2 thoughts on “Antics on and off the sports field tongan style

  1. Veronica pansaru April 19, 2013 — 5:00 am

    Every addition to your story is very interesting… advertising is bearing fruit – by all the folk who ask for the site address…a bit late..but just thought of it..could have been a money making project…is it legal to sell blog sites?!


  2. Hilarious Yes spectating is warm work indeed. By Gosh you guys are into everything….. how fantastic. You continue to inspire us through your vitality and zest for life. XX TT


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