100% Tongan ringtone artist concert thrills!

Friday 26 April
Only in Tonga would you go to a concert of a phone ring tone artist!!! Tonight we had a quite bizarre experience at the Billfish Bar. After heavy advertising a Tongan born NZ singer called ‘Swiss’ was back in his home town ‘ for one night only!’ We arrived at 7pm and seated ourselves at the door of this tropically inspired indoor- outdoor venue watching the evening unfold. Well we could have been in Kings Cross with the spray on outfits… Although many of the girls were 16 stone. Most also wore Lady Gaga shoes that proved a bit of a hazard on the pebbly floor. The entry was $25 TOP which included a drink. The supporting ‘act’ was a NZ/Chilean DJ who played very eclectic contemporary dance music. They kept losing sound in one speaker which just added to the Tonganese tone of the event. When Swiss came on a group of about 15 middle-aged women started screaming in the mosh pit and this didn’t abate during his 45 minute set. An older woman jumped on stage half way through… we can only assume it was his mum or grandmother. It was all very over the top. We left about 11pm and outside the carpark crowd of underaged kids was triple what was inside. Oh and did I also mention the local FM radio car was blasting out a live broadcast at the front door. Angela Owen (ABC Radio) they cold have used our help! Another moonlight walk before arriving home to find the evangelical church next door was having an overnight camp for jesus party. Ahhhhh was a nice change from the roosters and dogs.

Saturday 27 April
Every Saturday along the waterfront is a cornucopia of flea market stalls selling all types of freshly baked, cooked or ‘acquired’ food interspersed with endless rows of secondhand clothes, shoes (sensible and Kim Kadashian styles), kitchen appliances, fairy floss, makeup, soap, shampoo, books, school uniforms, grass mats, kia kias, face painting, tourist souvenirs (good and bad) cheap costume jewellery, garden tools, tyres and non perishable foods… and more! These last items look like they fell off the back of a boat and their use by date could be very suspect.
Walking along with our mandatory umbrellas to provide some shade from the intense heat, music threads its way from cassette deck to ipod and everything in between. And yes We did see a kitchen sink.
Kotoni bought two lovely shirts for $14AUS and I reckon they may have even been new!
Trickles of perspiration ran down our backs as we traversed the rows before taking refuge at the Reef Cafe for a 1.5litre bottle of cold water and a cappuccino. I think we are becoming addicted to Tupu’anga Tongan coffee.
There is very little insect ‘wildlife’ obvious so buying food freshly cooked is not an issue and we munched a quite yummy chicken kebab as a snackette to sustain us as we rummaged. It is Sonia heaven!
One can’t escape running into a myriad of familiar faces as well… including volunteers and ‘Anhopanilolo hospitality students…it is the place to be on a Saturday morning palangi or Tongan …especially if you need to restock your wardrobe.
Stop press: the bakery has kibble bread again so I cycled down early and bought 4 loaves for the freezer!
Ps Happy 70th birthday Aunty Julie…we are thinking of you as the family clan descends on Sydney to celebrate.

Sunday 28 April
Thought we would try the huge Catholic cathedral today as it is on the grounds of Kotoni’s college and he felt he should go at least once. The acoustics and choir were magnificent and the service was lead by the bishop because it was a special feast day.
Saane had us over for a Tongan Sunday lunch… The usual yummy food that she is so good at doing.
Lazy afternoon reading and watching ‘Beasts of the Southern Wild’ on the laptop… Very strange film.

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9 thoughts on “100% Tongan ringtone artist concert thrills!

  1. Your blogs are starting to replace my weekend herald!
    Spent a fantastic month out in ‘your country’ – throughly enjoyed the divine autumn colours that we don’t get here, and even though it wasn’t really cold (in the scheme of things) the fire at night added to the historic ambience of our little cottage. Could easily have spent a lot longer…..gathering wallaby bones and feathers the birds deigned to drop. Next time I go, I hope you will be there!!
    Caught up with Lisa which was special – how blessed am I to have such lovely friends.
    Steve prepares to head over to you soon – then we’ll be getting double the tales. Can’t wait.
    sounding like a remarkable experience xxx


  2. Veronica pansaru April 29, 2013 — 9:32 pm

    Once again cannot send email from here…icloud, as you can imagine has remained a “mystery” to me…xx ps Bring on Tuesday!!


  3. You guys rock — we miss you — u should have seen the PARTY for Sis!


  4. Can’t wait to hit the weekend markets. Better bring an extra bag!


  5. Veronica pansaru April 29, 2013 — 5:32 am

    Birthday was extremely successful…Karen arrangedit – even place cards and organised like a wedding reception….food choices A1+ …..Brent and Scott paid for us all – the gift to their mum. Really great..the whole show!!
    Now at J and R…with Milly and Reagen,,we are kept busy!! Being takeb to airport tomorrow.
    Your days sound unscheduled AND fun…xx


  6. Nannette Stevenson April 29, 2013 — 3:00 am

    Hi Sonia & Gordon, sorry Kotoni, I am thoroughly enjoying all the stories of your life thus far in Tonga. You have a great knack for keeping the reader entertained and it is easy to visualise the scenes and setting as you describe them. I can see a book coming out of this. Have you thought about that? Such a wonderful experience for both of you. Whilst we are in need of rain here in Orange the past few days have just been glorious- lovely sunshine, a slight breeze, but strong enough to knock the leaves of the trees. I just wish the leaves of the beautiful oak trees in my section of Autumn St would blow somewhere else instead of up the driveway!! The colours of autumn here in Orange are true to form and it is lovely to be out & about. Speaking of which I now have a motorised scooter ( 2nd hand- a gift from very dear friends in Cowra) and my confidence in my scooter skills is improving with each trip as is the distance that I cover. I do have L plates front & back in the hope that drivers will be patient with me when I’m crossing the roads. I also get some nice smiles when people see the plates. Of course I was fined at Rotary for having L’s!!
    Talk again soon – love & friendship, Nan ( PS also from Kate who has just called in)


  7. “Tongan Ringtone Artist”- my favourite post so far. Thanks for the laugh!! Lol Lesley P. xx


  8. Helen Snodgrass April 29, 2013 — 1:52 am

    Kotoni, Cathedral, Bishop and Beasts of the Southern Wild. Same old, same old, Sonia. Fair weather. Love your letters.


  9. Love your BLOGS! xx


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