Has Scotland moved to Tonga?


Guest blogger… Kotoni masquerading (with wife) as two drowned rats!
It’s raining.
I’m from Scotland and I certainly know what rain is.
I’ve even gone through cyclones when living in Bermuda… but the sideways torrential rain we had yesterday was… well it was very very wet and bloody cold too.
This was not what we signed up for.
Our recently  repaired road in front of the house has taken a turn for the worst and I feel like I am back in Orange with pot holes galore.
The best shoe option are again our trusty crocs which can tackle these tricky terrains and get us through these weird Pacific weather extremes.
Watching life continue unabated is also an eye opener with school students walking home, umbrellas turned inside out… or soaked through while waiting for their bus in bare feet carrying their shoes. They seem unperturbed by the puddles and wade straight through the muddy waters nonchalantly while we try to skips and jump over and around them.
People zoom past sitting or standing on the back of sodden trucks but still yelling out ‘bye bye’ which seems to be the palangi (westerner) standard greeting whether we are coming or going. I am pleased to say the cold snap only lasted one day and we are back to high humidity and everything feeling damp. I wonder how long it will take for mildew and mould to develop… and just when we were enjoying the dry toilet paper!

5 thoughts on “Has Scotland moved to Tonga?

  1. On standby with 2 jumpers ready to post , just say the word !!!
    sweltering here in Orange enjoying unseasonal weather


  2. Ha ha ha! I had a laugh from the comments and photos. Well I won’t go on TOO much about our beautiful, DRY, Autumn days. Puddle……what’s that??? Love Tania


  3. Welcome to the tropics! Is it supposed to be wet or dry season in Tonga?
    Of course there is always the chance of unseasonal rain.


  4. Lesley Barnes May 1, 2013 — 5:59 am

    So much is happending over there. xx


  5. Tracey Taylor May 1, 2013 — 5:00 am

    Hilarious well you must be in sync with Hobart. Suddenly raining not torrential but annoyingly as we are about to move some furniture which we have planned to do for several weeks. Yep today is the day and so its out to buy a tarp!!!! All the best, will be in touch again soon. Must away…. lounges, fridges and more to heft and cart. No we are not moving…. just up grading accommodation styling…………………… may day!!!!! XX TT


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