You mean you can ‘eat’ eggplant?!

Wednesday 1 May
Kotoni’s first cooking class for locals started with a trip to town to collect ingredients from the market. It will be a healthy meal using seasonal veggies, tofu and a wok. Four local ladies (8 are booked) turned up right on time and quickly took to the cooking school / classroom environment. All bubbled with enthusiasm and a willingness to pick up tips and contribute to the evening. Kotoni and I worked well as a team (as always) adding tit bits of information in reply to questions as well as exposing the ‘students’ to vegetables that they have seen at the markets but have never purchased.
We made four different stir fries… using a wok. some had never tasted eggplant before although had seen it at the market. We heard later from some of the teachers that eggplants have been grown in Tonga for years but they used to just toss them around the yard as kids… Didnt know they could be ‘eaten’!! Tongans tend to stick to the same meals most of the time. We also introduced them to quinoa and tofu!!!
Thursday 2 May
Teaching day ended with a happy birthday cake (candles were matches stuck in the cake!!) and water melon for Harri the art teacher.

4 thoughts on “You mean you can ‘eat’ eggplant?!

  1. Helen Snodgrass May 3, 2013 — 5:08 am

    Some of the eggplant I’ve eaten should have been kicked around the yard. BUT the stuff at your place was always delicious, of course.


    1. If anyone has great easy eggplant recipes feel free to send!!!


  2. Lesley Barnes May 2, 2013 — 11:20 pm

    Sounds great! Not long now and your mum will be arriving! You must be getting excited. xx


  3. Tracey Taylor May 2, 2013 — 10:22 pm

    Sounds like a huge success. So glad you had a wonderful class. The word will be out now and you will find heaps of willing ladies. Look out I see Italian eggplant style dishes swamping Tonga. Hmmmmmm Yummmm XX TT


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