A inclusive Tongan Mother’s Day


Friday 10 May
All female staff were shepherded into the college hall where we were taken by surprise as the students had organised a lovely surprise Mother’s Day celebration.
We were sung to, draped with beautiful aromatic handmade flower garlands and showered with gifts, gratitude speeches and prayers. image
It was very moving as even Sister Annuncia didn’t know they were going to do this.
I received a selection of garments of various sizes and disco lines and Mum was given three packets of Tongan twisties. They had taken up collections amongst themselves and organised the whole shabang… Simply magical and so very moving. I told them we didn’t think we would ever have another Mother’s day tribute quite like this. it was truly memorable and I now feel as though I have 100ish children!!!
Cooking class was banana jam pancakes and chicken stir fry… A long day for everyone especially Kotoni!
Mum and I with Leni a teacher at 'Ahopanilolo
Mum and I with Heleni a teacher at ‘Ahopanilolo


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2 thoughts on “A inclusive Tongan Mother’s Day

  1. I am certain that you appreciated such a beautiful and charming display of affection. Your stories and pictures are a true delight. I feel as if you are just so close. sending lots of love TT
    P.S. Has a package arrived for you yet ??????


  2. That is so special for very special people! xx


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