Fishing pigs picnic

Timagehursday 9 May
Fishing with pigs picnic
After a visit to the blow holes which were bracingly spectacular because of the high tide we headed to the East Coast for a picnic.
In between the light showers we found a lovely spot beside the sea to munch on our salad rolls and keke (a yummy fried banana dough ball that Saane… Landlady dropped in this morning along with a couple of bunches of bananas).
As the rain came over we noticed a couple of ‘fishing pigs’ rooting around in the low tide mud looking for seafood. It seems so bizarre!

3 thoughts on “Fishing pigs picnic

  1. Go the fishy pigs!


  2. Sounds so cool!


  3. Love these pics. Seems like you are making the most of your mums visit. Those Blow holes look great and I am glad there was a barrier there!!! I also Think your landlady Sane sounds like the best Lady in Tonga !! sending love TT


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