Our first guest leaves… but she is coming back :-)

Sunday 19 May
Mum didn’t want to go!!!
All good things must come to and end… When Willie asked if we were ready for the boat back to the mainland… Both Mum and I said “No!” in unison.
Fafa is a very special oasis and worth the splurge… such nice memories of swinging in the moonlight having a nightcap with Mum and skipping along the beach to our fale after a gorgeous cocktail.
Confession time. Thanks to my nephew Lochie and Mum we both have a new addiction. Scrabble for the pad and iphone. It is a great time filler and you don’t have to be online to play… Just you against the computer… Although the computer pushes the envelope on some weird and wonderful words Kotoni and I are loving the brain activity and gives me something to do while I wait for the internet to do its snail pace thing!

Monday 20 May
Up early, made a batch of windmill pastries to take to college as a little farewell gift from Mum. Drinks at the Reload bar with Sally and two new lovely friends Mum made on the flight over: Sana (Tongan) and Dawn (NZ) who had been visiting family in Vava’u. They met and married when Dawn was working at a school in Nuku’alofa over 30 years ago.

Tuesday 21 May
Mum flew home… But will be back for Christmas 🙂
It had to happen… Kotoni had to pay a visit to the pharmacy Dr for some skin infections. Hopefully we can nip it in the bud before it gets too bad. This tropical warmth certainly has some downsides.
Having hired a car for the day we used the wheels to trawl around and stock up on heavier household items.

Wednesday 22 May
Next batch of vols arrive
Back to college… First up one hour choir practice in the cathedral for some up and coming special service.
Cooking class covered barley risotto, lemon chicken and bread and butter pudding… Despite the lack of a good oven with some kind of temperature control it all turned out great!
Finished a little earlier so the kitchen could be set up for practical exams… Starting tomorrow at 7.30am
Had a dash into town this afternoon to buy a new kettle… as ours just died. Ran into the new volunteer intake from Australia which included our friend Steve Davies who is coming to advise the art and design department at ‘Ahopanilolo over the next year.

3 thoughts on “Our first guest leaves… but she is coming back :-)

  1. Lesley Barnes May 29, 2013 — 6:16 am

    I can’t wait to catch up with your mum tomorrow night and hear all about her trip. I am on the count down already. Bring on Sept. xx


  2. Busy busy busy. great to hear of all your new weeks activity. You will have so many wonderful memories of veronicas visit. how fantastic. Life is wonderful. Hope that Gordon’s skin infection is well on the mend and all is well with a new kettle…… that doesn’t cost the earth. sending lots of love. Do hope Steve settles in well and with ease. give him a hello from us in Tassie. XX TT


  3. Veronica pansaru May 28, 2013 — 8:36 pm

    This addition to blog is loaded with happy memories!!


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