Tongan B&B kicking into gear!!!!

Wednesday 29
imageOur calendar is filling up!!!
John is coming from Canberra in Two weeks my sister Tania in July, an art college friend Timm also in July, Orange friend Gina in August and Kingscliff girlfriend Lesley in September!!! Lovely to have you all come and have a taste of Tonga and experience a little of our life over here.
Kotoni has gone mad with the cleaning and reorganising at college… He has started with the staff room which has been turned upside down. We have easily convinced them that keeping a heap of old books is not a great use of space so that Nissan car manual along with old picture-less cookery books that were last viewed by a cockroach need to go! He is loving it.
Cooking class was thai chicken salad, two impossible pies: one savoury and one sweet with recipes sent from Mum via email and ratatouille.

Thursday 30 May
Another HUGE day of rearranging staff room and tossing out lots of debris. We hit the sack very early exhausted!!!

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2 thoughts on “Tongan B&B kicking into gear!!!!

  1. Kotoni i am envious – all that sprucing up of the kitchens…AND I am here!!


  2. Wonderful………….I am booked for Bangkok—Changmai Fly n Build 7 Sept to 6 October. Don’t know if we can squeeze me in for a visit with both busy as such –b4 you need to come back next year? Maybe you 2 will seek an extension on the grounds of good behaviour and too much good work? JC


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