Emancipation = a trip to Fafa… Any excuse.

imageFriday 31 May
School mass to mark the end of semester, then morning tea with Tongan Development Bank representatives who gave three students scholarships. One of the bank reps went to school at Kinross in Orange!!!

Saturday 1 june
1st day of winter
Wet depression causing lots of wind and rain but still warm. Had a walk into town for lunch and finally caught up with Chris Egan. She is a friend my sister-in-law Lesley’s mum Nola. Chris grew up in Kirra but she and her husband have lived in Tonga for nearly 30 years and they run the Blue Banana shop plus some fales where they live on the west coast. We hope to visit them sometime over the year and stay a night.

Sunday 2 June
The heavens drenched the landscape last night but clear skies for our walk to the ferry for another overnighter at Fafa…as tomorrow is a long weekend. We are going for the most regular guest award!!! Poor Gordon turned green on the boat ride over but recovered pretty quickly thank goodness. He is no sailor.
YIPEEE!!! Just heard my Tassie friend Tracey and Surfers Paradise friend Sally are planning a visit if we can line up some dates… Bring it on.

Monday 3 June
Emancipation Day
On June 4, 1863, King George Tupou 1st abolished the system of serfdom in the island nation of Tonga. The historic occasion is remembered on Emancipation Day.

1 thought on “Emancipation = a trip to Fafa… Any excuse.

  1. Tracey Taylor June 2, 2013 — 7:02 am

    Hope that Gordon is feeling a lot better and refreshed. How long is the boat ride ??? We were sailing today. Just wonderful fun. Quiet feisty and very cold if you were in the breeze. I was tucked in nice and tight and am felling rejuvenated, although rocking while I work on the keyboard now !!! Sending love. I think you can get land sickness as well !!!


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