Kotoni a reluctant film star? ha ha!

Tuesday 4 June
One did not have to twist Kotoni’s arm AT ALL when he was asked whether he’d be happy to participate in a promotional story/image project… Hah! “where do I sign” was the quick reply.
Today he spent most of the day with Connor Ashleigh the visiting photographer/film maker from Austraining who is here to make a series of short films about volunteering.
Wearing his best brown college tupenu for some shots before a wardrobe change and into shorts to trawl the local market and shops with his gorgeous Tongan counterpart Leni was lots of fun. I went along to drive the college van and be the chaperone and took the opportunity to take a few of my own snappettes.


3 thoughts on “Kotoni a reluctant film star? ha ha!

  1. Helen Snodgrass June 5, 2013 — 5:19 am

    Yep. We’ve seen the last of him in Oz now. The rest of the world is his oyster. Fame, the lot. Glad to see your feet are still firmly on the ground Sonia. Balance is everything. Love.


  2. Veronica pansaru June 5, 2013 — 4:33 am

    My darling son in law…The Star!!


  3. Tracey Taylor June 5, 2013 — 3:35 am

    How fantastic. I lovr ethe pics. A Film star in the making. Watch out the great Gatsby, It’s the Great Gordon XX TT


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