Supermarket cruisin’ in Tonga…

Holy moley 3kg sized cans!
Holey moley 3kg sized cans!
Mega size mayo
Mega size mayo
And, the ubiquitous canned corn beef comes in all sizes!
And, the ubiquitous canned corn beef comes in all sizes!

5 thoughts on “Supermarket cruisin’ in Tonga…

  1. Lucy wants to know if you can buy Nutella! I want to know if there is Chicken Salt in the mayo – gross Postcard arrived. Girls very excited! Very wet & cold here – you’ll be pleased to know! Also, can we donate to school?


  2. Hi Gordie & Sonia, I have now signed up to following your blog and look forward to future updates. It looks like you are both having an amazing time……..Im so jealous! Enjoy your adventure, happy trails! Sandy 🙂


  3. Veronica pansaru June 8, 2013 — 1:43 am

    Sonia, you should have your dad or grandma there! For a 101 ways to use bully beef in a can…..”he” from inland Qld in the 50ies! And my mum from New Guinea during the same era…Veronica..xx


  4. Helen Snodgrass June 7, 2013 — 8:30 am

    3kg of baked beans. Don’t think so! Actually like them but that would be positively dangerous.


  5. Wow. This really puts things in a perspective. I love the prices as well Very informative. What did people ever do prior to tins !!!!


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