Left right flip flop left right flip flop…

imageThursday 13 June
Left right Flip flop left right flip flop… Schools in immaculate uniforms and wearing their best thongs came from all over the island to march across and around the CBD for the opening of parliament day. A great display of pomp and ceremony Tongan style. The king arrived in a polished Humber convertible which added to the quirkiness of it all. Our High Commissioner was in top hat and tails, his wife in a Melbourne cup frock and fascinator. The prince came in a London taxi. There were dignitaries from Japan, NZ, America, China, Holland and Finland attending. Strolling towards the palace to get a second view of the King who was perched on the verandah greeting school students processioning across his front lawn, we bumped into John Jeffery our buddy who had arrived this morning escaping the Canberra winter for a week of pacific sun. He joined us for lunch of umu back at ‘Ahopanilolo before exploring in his own. We met him later for a beer and slab of Marco’s yummy pizza.

The week that was….Sunday 9 June
Tried to make ANZAC biscuits in the oven with no temperature gauge… a little burnt on the bottom so now I know not to put anything on the lower shelves. had a very Aussie sunday afternoon at the home of Amanda and Tristan from the Australian high commission was a nice time to network with a few volunteers and sit in the cool of the evening sipping a wine. Not something We really want todo every week but a good opportunity to do a little networking and listen to JJJs hottest 50 for the last 20 yrs.

Monday 10 June
The clean up of the college kitchens has begun. The store rooms were like a Dr Who tardis… Kotoni kept pulling out SO much stuff… As fast as we could sort, toss and stack more would appear! Anyway great to get it going as hadn’t been touched in about 10 years with quite a few creepy crawlies residing in nooks and crannies. In the evening I cycled to yoga on the verandah of the fisherman’s club. Magic view and a nice stretchathon. Kotoni met me after for a Korean barbecue nearby… Excellent.

Tuesday 11 June
More clean up. I am morphing into Sister Kieome’s PA! This week helped with a grant application and letters to the Bishop, Minister of Education and Police Commissioner!!!

Wednesday 12 June
Steve and I ran staff development day followed by lunch… I thought we could have leftovers the next day… For the 2nd workshop we had organised with Paige a Kiwi… Ha! Leftovers? Sonia what were you thinking… This is Tonga… Everything gets eaten or !!

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2 thoughts on “Left right flip flop left right flip flop…

  1. Busy, busy, you two. Evidence of winter has finally descended upon the Newcastle area. Reached for a jumper, Gordo. It was wet tonight as Australia struggled to beat Iraq in the World Cup of Football qualifier. The Iraqis did very well. Can’t imagine what the Brazilians (football team) of Spaniards would do to us. Be well. Love to you both.


  2. Looks like extra catering is in order. Sounds like you are all becoming irreplaceable. Wonderful reading. Thanks for keeping us in touch. sending love form wet cold Tassie. Lovely to see the rain though.


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