Priscilla sports day and tongan angels

imageFriday 7 June
End of terms sports day turned out to be quite the event with students dressed in all kinds of sporting (and non sporting) attire. I wasn’t there but heard the funny stories about the ‘games’ via Kotoni. There was Zumba dancing, pole dancing, musical chairs and blindfolded sinful stepping stones games along with touch football accompanied by the usual Tongan rah rah of barracking on the sidelines. Sounds like I missed something pretty unique! Cooking class in the evening… Bake off with students getting a hands on session making ANZACs, pinwheel scones, muffins and fruit balls.
Saturday 8 June: theatre and saved by a Tongan.
This evening we caught a taxi on a rainy dismal evening to a judo hall that was decked out like a theatre to watch a play about identity being performed by a group of young Tongan artists. It was stunning and professional… They used minimal props and costuming to great effect and I felt I could easily have been at an event at the Adelaide or Edinburgh arts festivals. Well done and congratulations to the ‘On the spot’ troupe. Despite being in Tongan and English the acting was so good we easily followed the story.
As the rain had stopped we thought we would wander home… Which was a bit brazen as we had no idea exactly where we were!!! The roads were extremely dark and then it started to rain. OK let’s get a taxi. Sounded logical… But how to describe where we were was the issue… Keep walking….stopped at a fale koloa corner store run by a Chinese person… No English… Keep walking huddled under our one umbrella…came to a roundabout… Eeny meeny miny mo… Nope, we weren’t sure which way to go! Another Chinese fale koloa… And a random Tongan angel ie bloke walking towards us… “Would you mind speaking to the taxi mob and telling them where we are!??”… A happy ending, the taxis were all engaged but the taxi bloke came in his own car and collected us and deposited us safely home.y

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