Canberra present fairy Sione aka John off home

imageWednesday 19 June
Rained overnight and a showery morning. Very quiet at college as all students are on work experience. Spent a couple of hours doing a marathon blog update at a local internet shop. This is our second last cooking class: poached pears, eggplant fans and whole snapper cooked in a wok. Yum yum
Thursday 20 June
John has headed back to a minus something in Canberra today. He actually said today was a bit too hot for him… Ha I hope he remembers those words when he jumps off the plane. it was lovely to have him visit…especially as he came laden with scotch, gin, pens, data sticks and heaps of recipe books for school. Thank you Sione (‘John’ in Tongan). Had a palangi (non Tongans) concert this evening. A heap of the volunteers entertained us with singing, playing ukulele, dancing and even reciting poetry at a hall near our college. I rode my bike with my headlamp tied to the front handlebars as a bikelight to illuminate the way around potholes. I managed to escape a band of marauding dogs enroute which freaked me out a bit… so took the long way home to avoid running the gauntlet again. Made it home just before a big downpour which continued most of the night.
I woke early for some reason on friday and actually managed to get online at home first go to check some emails.  Bad news starting with ‘c’ is never welcome and we send all our healing love to very special friends Helen and Vaughan in Newcastle. Helen and Vaughan are also a regular usually humorous commenters on our blog.
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3 thoughts on “Canberra present fairy Sione aka John off home

  1. Glad to hear that all continues to go smoothly and those dogs were no chance for your trusty stead. Well done. It does sound very frightening. though. Sending best wishes to your friends. Do hope all goes well. Looking forward to our adventure. And we would all love to bring things you are hankering for…. so get a list ready. sending love hope last cooking class went well. Sounded yummy. XXX TT


  2. Lovely to hear your news as usual guys. Thanks for the phone call.just loved hearing your voices! Fingers crossed for Friday xxx


  3. Wow … how can it possibly be too too hot in June!! 100mm rain overnight for Canberra and still raining as well!!
    Would be very welcome for those of us with country in the North West and for the Queenslander outbackers!
    Suck up the sun and heat and enjoy no jumpers!!


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