Kotoni’s green crossing

imageI really thought I had achieved some sort of sea credibility! after all I had done eight similar trips without incident over these past three Guest blog
The crossing!
“We’re almost there…just 10 more minutes” was the call from Sonia as we approached the landing area of Fafa Island on what should have been a short 45 minute ferry crossing, but it was too much.
As Sonia and other passengers discussed the slightly choppy weather conditions and the prospect of a delicious fish burger for lunch all I could think of was a need to lie down on the delicious cold, damp, wooden bench on the boat and ride out the tempestuous storm that was creating winds of 300 + km per hour and 38 meter waves. The seasick pills I had ingested early that day were having no effect whatsoever and the fish burger thoughts from my maritime colleagues were not assisting. Nightmare memories of Gold Coast Dreamworld rides and Northern Territory Chopper trips drifted in and out of my semi conscious state shouting “your born for dry, stable land Kotoni, why do you continue to do this”?
Green was the colour Sonia used to describe my condition once we had landed. Others just looked at me and gave thanks that I only looked that way and had not actually shared a recent 3 D dining experience with them and, admittedly I did feel better after an hour or so. The weather reports also showed that the return trip would be calm and uneventful which was good news. The one issue still in my mind is the open ocean all day ‘swimming with the whales’ tour we have booked in September! I can now see why Moby Dick ended up the way he did…he just wanted the day to end!!!

6 thoughts on “Kotoni’s green crossing

  1. I can so relate to the way you feel on a boat….. I have bad memories of walking around the outside of the ferry in a blowing winter gale on a crossing from England to Ireland. If there is any consolation the fish are able to receive an extra feed!!!!!!


  2. Well, Gord, I’ve grilled (not literally!) the local pharmacist on the latest on motion sickness, and he sold me some pills that you used to be only able to get only onprescription. Plus I’ve got Kwells, ginger lollies and bought your wrist bands today, trying to cover ALL bases! But if worst comes to worst, we can hold each others’ hands and be green together!
    Love Tania


  3. September, swimming with the whales, will be great Kotoni. Once you are in the water the sick feeling will go away! Promise! Stewart and I are so excited about seeing you guys. 8 and a bit weeks to go. xx


  4. Hang in there Kotoni … focus on the arrival not the journey! Much love to you both


  5. Ohh poor Gordon. Feeling seasick is just horrid. No way to feel better, just have to ride it out. The meal at the end looks very enticing though, so I am hopeful that you were able to enjoy after all. All the best TT


  6. Veronica Pansaru June 28, 2013 — 3:32 am

    I need to know…..what has a “green” Kotoni got to do with the beautiful meal on the blog???


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