Wild and windy…

Sunday 30 June
The financial year ended for us under a huge marquee with a battle of the choirs performed by church groups from allover attending the Free Wesleyan conference. Our pick was the Western Union staff choir who sounded unreal… Closely followed by the ‘Sister Act’ Whoopi Goldberg look-alike conductor.

Tuesday 2 July
Rough trip to Atata Island this morning… The wind is quite wild and churning up the quiet ocean. This time we were going for …ahem … work. Aunofo, one of Kotoni’s students was working there so we had to go and do a comprehensive assessment. I volunteered to do the bar service and make sure she got every single cocktail correct. Alas my services were not required!
Because it was going to be such a taxing assignment we elected to stay overnight. We are just so committed and any excuse for an overnight on an island was not to be missed.
Snorkelling was a bit rough with the waves so only in the water about 2.3 minutes!

Yes Nella you are right... A picture can tell a thousand words... Or one like this even sink a ship!?
Yes Nella you are right… A picture can tell a thousand words… Or one like this even sink a ship!? Not happy Jan!

Wednesday 3 July
Wild windy night with some rain. Kotoni not looking forward to the boat trip back this arvo. My sister Tania arrives tonight at 2.00am… Can’t wait.

4 thoughts on “Wild and windy…

  1. Tracey Taylor July 3, 2013 — 9:24 am

    love the snorkelling pic. Sorry its been so wild. Hoping that you have a wonderful time with Tania visiting. Yippee.


  2. Lesley Barnes July 3, 2013 — 5:07 am

    Have fun when Tania arrives. xx


  3. Gorgeous shot Son!


  4. I’m on that boat with you in spirit Kotoni! Have packed my raincoat.


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