I can do this… Kotoni faces his fears

The coral  scout sitting on the front of the boat
The coral scout sitting on the front of the boat
Our captain

Departure time from our island was approaching and the weather had not yet abetted.
The captain came to me looking for options and I suggested taking the longer route, around the neighbouring islands, heading in an east nor east course for 30 nautical miles thus keeping us inside the reef and avoiding much of the open ocean which, by this time was looking to swallow up an aircraft carrier!
The captain and first mate (point guard) looked at me in amazement stating this was also their preferred option and so we headed out 30 minutes earlier than planned.
Although the crossing was nowhere near as rough as anticipated (we even managed a few tourist snaps of areas that are not usually seen) it was still slightly scary and my eyes were constantly on the lifejackets and looking at the options we had to throw someone over as bait should we run aground on the very exposed coral and need to defend ourselves against ‘anything’ that moved in the water.
Fortunately we landed safe, sound and dry at 4pm and were all glad to be back on terra firma. Only another 26 boat trips to go…image

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1 thought on “I can do this… Kotoni faces his fears

  1. Veronica pansaru July 6, 2013 — 6:21 am

    Paradise obviously has “little” trials…..but nothing you cannot “sail your boat” around…ADVISOR to the captain – what next??! Xx


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