what a start to our 2 weeks with Timm…

Having a bevy of tall dark and handsome Tongan men arrive at your house in the early hours of the morning may seem like the beginning of a spicy story… but unfortunately they were all detectives and police officers coming to investigate our house being burgled. Thursday morning we popped out to the airport to collect Timm my teaching buddy from Alexander Mackie art college days who is visiting for two weeks. Between 1.30-3.30am our place was done-over. In the big scheme of life this is but a speed hump on a wonderful journey in the Pacific.
From the forensics we discovered the thieves wore gloves. They took all our IT goodies: laptop, ipad, kindle, cameras, cords and… a bottle or wine from the fridge, the top I had worn that day, half a bottle of shampoo, the used soap from the bathroom and Kotoni’s nail clippers and even more tragic his ironing blanket.
We had also put together a Tsunami cyclone emergency case packed ready for a quick exit as instructed in our first week here… and this also got snatched along with our passports, my pushbike, Kotoni’s watch and my new prescription sunglasses. So if anyone sees someone well-groomed riding a fold up bike weaving along the road out to the airport it may be worth calling the cops.
Despite the initial shock we are OK and everyone has been very supportive. Saane our gorgeous landlady has already repaired the window and the insurance process is in motion.
My darling sister Tania and husband Pat are already scheming an early Christmas present of a mini ipad to send with Gina – a future guest so we are feeling very fortunate as replacing gear here is not that easy. But you know what we will survive quite easily with less and luckily for us they didn’t discover the apple laptop Timm brought for the college.

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10 thoughts on “what a start to our 2 weeks with Timm…

  1. Sonia….crikey what a bummer! It’s the prescription sunnies that you’ll miss the most. I cant believe I am just reading your blog. I lost the details and have just found them again. Tonga sounds wonderful….just wish we could number 25 on your list of visitors but no such luck with Elliott in y12.
    Love ya.
    Leanne and Peter


  2. Not the ironing blanket, that’s tragic! Seriously, though, what a shame, especially the bike.


  3. Mary Givney-Clark July 18, 2013 — 12:26 pm

    Oh dear, what a shock for you. Was looking forward to catching up on your news after being away & a busy week back at school. Pleased you are not letting it get you down. Sounds like a grab for cash hey…but how could they take the ironing blanket! Gordon must be a little upset! Sorry that you have to deal with this Son & Gord. Hi to Timm..least they didn’t take the spare bed! We had a lovely holiday, caught up with Louise in Bowral, Sarah danced in a solo eisteddfod & we had a Winter escape to Pt Douglas..Barrier Reef trip a highlight. Back to reality this week preparing yr 12s for Trials. Am sure Timm’s visit will brighten your week. LSL Timm? I will take a few weeks early next term but alas not for travel, am having foot surgery…very dull! Cheers


  4. Very sorry to hear of theft of all your IT gear. How annoying and disapointing.


  5. Bloody hell .. how tedious for you. All the “things” can be replaced, but the Passports are slightly more bothersome. At least you’re both OK and have good local and Aussie support. Bugger. Keep yourselves safe and healthy. xx


  6. Oh Poop.what an awful thing to happen. Darn. Just wish I could trust the post to send you something in replacement…………. but we already know how that has panned out in the past. So sorry to hear of this woeful circumstance. Please let me know what I / we can bring when we visit in Sept. :-((


  7. Oh what a bummer … Andy says a splinter in your bum as you slide down the bannister of life….
    What a great thing you have done your blog!!
    Snod is doing really well … Overdoing grandchildren of course .. That’s what she does ! Xo


  8. OMG! At least you guys are OK. It is a awful feeling knowing someone has been in your house uninvited. Let me know what you need and we will bring it with us in Aug. xx


  9. NO!!!!! Apart from the good themselves, it’s a horrible feeling.
    I feel for you both! xxxLesley


  10. Well what a bugger!!! Hope having Timm there will prove an adequate distraction! We feel very sad for Kotoni re the ironing blanket and hope he is able to replace sooner!
    All good here xxx


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