Nuku álofa turns Italian

Wednesday 24 July
I am feeling decidedly Italian today with my new moped ‘Bas’. OK it doesn’t have revision mirrors and has a cracked headlight but I do love it and I’ve only ridden 2ks! Has brought a smile to our faces as we look ahead rather than backwards.
Today I helped Sister Keoma rewrite a response to the TVET Education Bill… as one does!

Thursday 25 July
Half day at work as the whole school spent the morning doing a spirituality/refection workshop. I really like these session where we sit in circles on the floor and do facilitated sharing group activities. It is a nice opportunity to get to know the students on a more personal level and have a laugh. Today it was all about our names. What they mean and who named us. There was lots of laughter. Tongan’s have such a great sense of humour. Sione (John in Tongan) – a guy in our group said he was named by his dad’s best friend after John Travolta… now this brought lots of giggles. Now every time I see him I thrust out my arm singing… ”You’re the one that I want… OOO OOO OOO”. These sessions always involve amazing singing which is divine.
Now I am thicker than I thought. Kotoni and I decided to head to the curry hut for dinner on Bas. I couldn’t get the headlights to work and we ended up walking there and back which was fine… and the goat and lamb curries were mucho tasty.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I took Bas into the garage to get him checked over… and you know what I hadn’t flicked the right switch!!! How embarrassing!!!
Friday 26 July
I have enrolled in a 10 week Tongan language and culture class. The first lesson was a little refresher. The teacher Lose is terrific so I hope I can pick up a few more words and expressions here and there. Probably good to get the brain in gear after the headlight faux pas!
Saane popped over this evening with a plate filled with yummy barbecued goodies to share so we ate grilled marinate chicken and lamb loin + sausages. She is such a generous lady. Much better than the pasta we had planned. I had made some tomato sauce so we did have a little bit of veg on the side. Tongan’s aren’t too good on the vegetable side of a meal! Kotoni and I then watched Les Miserables on the laptop Timm is donating to the school. Wow what a terrific film… wish I had seen it on the big screen.
Saturday 27 July
Lazy start to the weekend and getting ready for Kate Needham our next guest who arrives from Orange next Tuesday. Just to be safe Kotoni is going to stay at home and I shall pop out to the airport to pick her up at 2am. Kate is kindly being a courier for us bringing a few bits and bobs for us/college and hopefully buying us a new camera on her way through Duty Free in Sydney. The weather is divine so I hope it stays like that for her week.

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1 thought on “Nuku álofa turns Italian

  1. sounds like a really good week, with so many varied activities. I love the headlight story. I am sure we all have one story a bit similar and it is always embarrassing…. but once you know its always easier with hind sight. Glad you have a friend visiting bring some lost items. Hope that all goes smoothly and good idea re the airport pick up plan. it’s a shame you have to be careful but important none the less. Really looking forward to our visit which will come around quickly now we are almost finished with July !!!!! sending lots of love…. top of 15 in Hobart today.


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