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gord tonga shirts
During my short public service career I have managed to avoid wearing what one may consider conservative, acceptable or even down right boring business shirts so… in my endeavour to continue this trend I have been on a journey to look for, and wear with pride, LOUD and colourful ‘Island ‘ shirts.
This complements beautifully my pledge to get through our 12 months without donning a jumper. (The Bas pic was a rain jacket Tania… for the record!)
Sourcing wild shirts can be an interesting shopping goal due to the limited branches of David Jones stores or for that matter Target (‘Country’ of course), which is really no great loss, therefore they turn up in the Saturday flea market or in the ubiquitous ‘pop up shops’ that materialise in front gardens from time to time.

Hey sorry everyone if some of these posts are not in order… I can however blame the haphazard nature of Tongan IT and I know you will all understand!

Sunday 28 July
Kotoni got acquainted with Bas and went off for a wee ride. I met him at the bakery for our Sunday supplies before we came home to laze around reading and trying to ignore the loud preaching at the church next door.

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4 thoughts on “Kotoni guest wardrobe blog

  1. Hi Sonia and Gordon, great to see photos of your adventure. Ruth


  2. Mary Givney-Clark July 28, 2013 — 12:44 pm

    Come on Gord we know you really do love to don a tie & business shirt! Sarah’s school had a social fundraiser, roaring 1920s & gambling..that’s right..Catholic Edn. Loved the dress-up as you can imagine..I don’t think we’ve done that theme as an Easter special..I was dressed by my friend Robyn who owns a vintage wear shop, finally my locks were fashionable! Glad Timm’s stay was memorable & not for the burglary. You are busy too gaining a lot of experience running a B n B! Something you always thought you’d do. Wonderful that friends are able to travel & visit you & share in a little of your Tongan experiences. Take care xx


  3. Love your sense of Style Gordon. Fab !!!!


  4. Soooooooooo can’t wait to see you guys. Just under 5 weeks to go. xxxxxxx


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