My scrabble buddy has gone back to Orange!

Life was tough for Kate on fafa!

Friday 2 August

Friday afternoons student get to do electives’. This includes either ballroom dancing or a Tongan version of aerobics/disco dancing on the lawn led in part by resident he/she star Loni. I had also attempted a few yoga moves which everyone found amusing but limbered them up.

Kotoni and Kate headed off for another torture session with Mike and his Dad while I held the fort at home.

Saane popped over to replace our curtains with ones that are more opaque. We are hoping this may make us feel a little safer when we are away as no-one can see in. (A Tongan guy came around today so I said parlez vous Francaise”… that got rid of him. I think he may have some mental issues… Saane said to just call her if he is here again.)

Kotoni and Saane doing some curtain consulting.

Saturday 3 August Sunday 4 August

Magical weekend on Fafa Island with Kate. Dinner under the stars, swinging in the hammock and indulging in lots of snorkeling… I managed to harness enough energy to kayak around the island. I don’t think it could have got more perfect… Oh yes it could have… the internet could have been working but alas…

Monday 5 August

Learn from our robbery and take extra precautions to protect your passport. Trying to sort out more paperwork for passports and insurance is a long drawn out nightmare. Go right now and write down serial numbers for your precious expensive items, take pics of your receipts when you buy stuff and save them to the clouds. It will make your life easier if such an unfortunate occurrence happens to you at home or away.

To add to our challenges, because we are not merely renewing’ our passport we have to furnish ORIGINAL documentation of our birth certificate and Kotoni’s citizenship. This is not as easy as it may sound as it can’t be done online so we are again at the mercy of Tonga’s haphazard communications. I am glad we are here for another eight months as it may take me that long to pull everything together.

We had a few scrabble games before Kate was picked up by a taxi after midnight. She was on an early morning flight back to Australia via a four hour stopover in New Zealand. It was great to have her visit and another easy guest who was happy to go with the flow… although I suspect she may have a few more grey hairs trying to get her head around our lack of easy access to ANY wifi!

OK no internet but some lovely memories to keep her warm when she returns to Orange! Thanks for the visit Kate and all those goodies you brought were very welcome.



3 thoughts on “My scrabble buddy has gone back to Orange!

  1. Tracey, Fafa is absolute heaven. Make sure you and the girls get there.
    Love Tania


  2. I do hope that you get a passport immediately as I believe the Tongans are, as a demonstration of their bipartisanship with Australia, instigating a system whereby non-citizens are harboured on Christmas Island, Manus Island or in New Guinea. The conditions may not be as good as Fafa Best wishes.


  3. Great to hear from you again. it soundslike Fafa is a real haven of loveliness for you. Shame the red tape is going to be a nuisance for you and I apprecaite your advice. What a hassle. If We can help at all, just let us know. Sending lots of love from very cold Hobart TT


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