Careers mufty day…what next!

Tuesday 6 August

Had to grab a wrap last night as twas a little cool… well for Tongan standards anyway. The usual rooster and dog concert followed by an early morning sermon of Tongan religious rambling punctuated by a regular hallelujah of praise the lord meant we had no need for the alarm.

Bas my two wheeler toy transported us to school and I was asked to take a ‘parental guidance’ class which went for an hour. Hmmmmm. I ended up doing a few fun listening activities grabbing anything that came off the top of my head which filled in the time and had them thinking. This experience has made me realize I need to take the girl guide approach and always be prepared by having my handy little energy boosting activities booklet with me at school for such times as it was all a bit random. Mind you no one else seems to mind an ad hoc approach.

Wednesday 7 August

Was that a nun and a policeman I just saw walking past the staff room door?

Now Wednesday is mufty day where the students don’t have to wear their uniform. Unbeknown to us this Wednesday mufty was to be different… very different. The theme was careers. Some of the students took relish in delving into their fancy and fancy dress clothes pool. I felt like I was at one of our annual Easter Dress up dinner parties or at a Mardi Gras parade. Áhopanilolo never stops dishing up surprises and always with a wonderful sense of fun.


Two extra students attended the cooking classes tonight. We are enjoying the new time slot of 5.30pm-7.30pm. So much more civilized for everyone.

Home for a nap before heading to the airport to collect our next guest from Orange. Gina arrived right on time at 2am and was the second passenger out! Like all our visitors she has kindly brought a few goodies requested by school AND has delivered our new mini ipad J which will now go everywhere with me. Thank you to my gorgeous and generous sister, brother-n-law and Mum who have sent it over on the Gina courier service as an early Christmas present. First step take photos and record the serial numbers!








1 thought on “Careers mufty day…what next!

  1. Enjoy your “Gina”time. How lovely to be so popular. Your B N B Will be the stuff of legend !!!! Love the school pics. XX TT


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