Gina gets the western tour and a little drama thrown in


Thursday 8 August

Gina and I set off for our western island tour after a fishy lunch with Gordon and a quick squiz around school. She was also able to deliver the goodies she brought which included a multitude of glitters that brought a huge smile to those candle makers yearning for sparkly decorative materials. Gina also kindly spent time in front of a photo booth machine somewhere in Orange printing our Tongan people shots. It costs a whopping $1.20AUS per photo here so very out of reach of most students or staff. I can’t wait to hand these out and about. Simple things can mean a lot here.

Nothing like a little drama for our latest guest’s debut into the quiet sleepy world of Tonga. We were cruising along in our much dinged hire car at a cool 40kph when the phone rang so I pulled over to take it. A creepy guy sidled up on his bicycle asking whether we were Australian. I knew the voice and so sped off… you see I had encountered this Tongan bloke before just earlier this week while at home …and last night he arrived on our doorstep again ranting about law suits, rugby players, sorcerers and witch-craft. It seems to be the same themed story each time. I would have thought our Orange mate Nella who is volunteering in South Africa would be more likely to be dealing with witchcraft and sorcery!

I had tried to fob him off by speaking a little French which seemed to work last time but last night he wouldn’t go. So we called the police who arrived promptly, took down all the details (including my age… must be some statistician’s warped sense of humour as I am not sure what relevance that would have??), made a report and sent him on his way. I am sure he is quite harmless but after our break-in we have become a lot more cautious. Gina wanted to know why Tania got a Kings parade and she gets a raving ranter at the front door! Never mind… let’s hope that is as exciting as it gets for this week!

While on the tour we ran into a woman cleaning sea cucumbers. They look like huge rubbery slimy slugs and not something you would associate with enticing culinary fare. She proceeded to show us how to degut them… and assured us how yummy they were. Luckily it wasn’t lunch time as I am sure we would have been invited to sit down and share a plate full. Sorry, we couldn’t even face taking a photo it was so GROSS!


3 thoughts on “Gina gets the western tour and a little drama thrown in

  1. Well tell Gina I can now be addressed as Queen Tania, since I’m ‘special’! (Being given a public holiday AND a parade’h


  2. Mentioned in dispatches, I’m honoured! Stay safe you two, haven’t got my witchcraft undoing skills sorted yet.


  3. Tonga obviously has its share of “weirdos” as well. sounds like you handled the situation very well though. Not a pleasant event and disturbing as well. I am pleased the police are efficient and no doubt Sonia, they are keeping tabs on this fellows Modus Operandi to ensure they can warn all prospective glamorous women arriving in your “neck of the woods”. That will be Lisa, Sally and Tracey in a months time !!!!!! Hoping that Gina enjoys the rem of her stay and you do not have to endure the sight of any further sea cucumbers…. much better under the sea in their happy habitat. XX TT


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