Mufti days and the Bishop’s mass

Tuesday 13 August
Just another day at the ‘’office! Gina had kindly printed off a wad of photos we had sent home with my sister Tania on a USB drive and we handed them out to very happy recipients. Photo developing here is very expensive… about $1.20AUS for a 6×4.
Spent the evening playing with some of the watercolour pencils Timm left.
Mufti Day Wednesday 14 August
I am growing to love Wednesdays when the students are uniform free… although trying to teach a class that includes a male student wearing silver stilettos and a sparkly frock while another is in a kimono can be a tad distracting. The Fakaleitis are such fun and really embrace any opportunity to strut their stuff.
Cooking class tonight featured banana jam, coconut pie, Thai chicken salad and Italian baked veggies using part of the biggest marrow I have ever seen. The Royal Easter show judges would be drooling at this one! All went down well and again we are amazed how little they know about cooking outside of the Tongan staples.
Thursday 15 August
The Bishop presided over a special mass this morning and the choral singing was exquisite. Every morning for the past week we have been treated to glorious altos and sopranos practicing their hymns with melodious sounds wafting into the staff room. This is a nice change from the Pentecostals next door to our home who mainly sing badly or yell.
Parents and community people attended church service in the cathedral and then moved on to a feast at school in and around the Potluck restaurant. Some of the students had done a 24hr shift preparing flowers and food for this special feast day with about 200 mouths to feed. There was SO MUCH food yet no leftovers to be seen. This constantly amazes me. Where do they put all that food!!?? The Bishop later gave an inspirational talk in the assembly hall and Steve, Kotoni and I all got a thank you which was lovely. Not often one gets mentioned in dispatches by a Bishop.

Am I really this short???!!! Sonia with some of the ATI teachers and a student in the kitchen
Am I really this short???!!! Sonia with some of the ATI teachers and a student in the kitchen

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5 thoughts on “Mufti days and the Bishop’s mass

  1. Am always hungry when I have caught up on reading your wonderful blogs x


  2. Mary Givney-Clark August 19, 2013 — 12:03 pm

    Beautiful photos, very clear & colourful. The photo of the mass looks like you have a panorama mode on your camera. Michael is doing film photography at uni, its great to have the old manual SLR in use again..bought when we went to Europe in 1981! Last fortnight Sarah made her first Holy Communion. We were so very proud of her reverence & participation, it was a lovely mass including some liturgical dance..the boys told me to stop! I will email a few photos. It was also my 35yr school reunion on the could that be! An excellent night, loved every minute..90 came along, many from interstate, really interesting to hear everyones stories…


  3. Hi Sonia
    great to see what you have been up to in Tonga! Take care – you are making a difference, don’t worry about influeincing the average height of the population – short middle aged women rule!
    Take care , Anne


  4. You’ve always been tall to me, Sonia.


  5. You needed to borrow previously mentioned stilletos to had a bit of ‘stature’!
    Love Tania


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