Oh Mickey your so fine… cheerleaders unite

Friday 16 August
I couldn’t wait to get through my language class this morning and hot throttle it over on Bas to Áhopanilolo for their sports day.
Kotoni had sent a text informing me that my yellow St Josephs team was well into the spirit of the day with two lovely young male students Loni and Rabi decked out as energetic cheer leaders!
It was so much fun with everyone laughing and getting into the silliness.
The ‘games’ had no connection to any usual sporting event and loud music blared throughout the day.



Events included disco dancing, people horse racing, fancy dress sack races and one that involved eating buns tied to a line.
I had to do a grab the stick game pitted against the sewing teacher Larni from the Green team. I was escorted to the starting line in regal style on a seat made by the joining of hands of my two cheerleaders (sorry no pics yet… but I am working on it!).
Despite hitting the ground with an undignified thud while retrieving the stick I raced to victory and was treated to thunderous applause from my sea of yellow team mates screaming on the side lines.
In between events we had team rivalry and revelry with cartwheels, heckling and even a little friendly ??!! girlie hair pulling and shoving. All done with a sense of fun and good humour.
After the sporting antics were over we dined on vegetable curry prepared by Kotoni followed by a commemorative cake to celebrate Sister Keoma’s 17th year as a nun.

Saturday 17 August
I now have hanging in my wardrobe two lovely satiny full length ball gowns… one red and one black. Kotoni and I have been invited to the Fakaleiti ball in a couple of weeks and this morning we found our perfect outfits at the wharf flea market.
The theme is celebrity so we are going as Marilyn Monroe and her secret sister. Kotoni will don a curly blonde wig we also managed to find at a stall amongst the bottles of conditioner, kebabs and cold power.
I am so excited to be attending this event although am conscious that we can NEVER really compete with the wonderfully over the top fakaleitis who I am sure will steal the show.


2 thoughts on “Oh Mickey your so fine… cheerleaders unite

  1. You remind me of us sharing a great night at the masked ball at the Orange Regional Gallery.


  2. looks and sounds like a wonderful day of celebration and fun. These Tongans really know how to get into the swing of any and every occasion. Looks like your life continues to be full and fabulous. Making the most of EVERY opportunity XX TT


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