A Tongan Bar story… maybe not quite what you think!

25 August Sapate (Sunday)
We both were feeling a bit ordinary so  took up the lazy Tongan sunday tradition of sleeping, reading and eating while trying to block out the noisy Pentecostals yelling their hallelujahs next door. Although Kotoni did drag himself off the lounge to experiment with a  bread making machine  he’d found in a back store-room to see whether it worked. The wafting fresh bakery smells were hard to resist and the result was not too bad either… Although we are not sure it is  very practical for Tonga with costly electricity and cheap bread freely available.
26 August Monite (Monday)
It is not everyday an Aussie volunteers is honoured by a country’s highest legal system…. but this month, Reimen Hill, an AVID from Brisbane, less than four years out of university, was accepted to the Tongan Bar in an intimate ceremony witnessed by fellow volunteers, colleagues, ICM staff and members of Tongan judiciary. Chief Justice Scott delivered an amusing yet poignant speech outlining Rei’s impressive professional credentials which included fluency in Chinese and Japanese alongside a stint at the Australian Federal Court and working in human rights for the United Nations in Cambodia. He also took great delight in praising Rei for his prowess as a waiter something he had also done as a law student. Rei looked splendid decked out in a traditional Tongan ta’ovala (mat) and floral garlands creating a colourful accent to his legal wig and robes.
Kotoni, Steve, Fiona, Rei, moi, Stephan, Dave... All volunteers from Australia,
Kotoni, Steve, Fiona, Rei, moi, Stephan, Dave… All volunteers from Australia,
This afternoon we cast our vote at the Aussie High Commission for the up and coming election. it was so easy and there were no queues!!! The Senate paper was the usual long roll of highly suspect self-interest parties.
The evening Kotoni was assessing an ex-student at the bi monthly potluck dinner while I swanned with Tajeen, another volunteer and Tristan whose partner works at the Australian High Commission.
(Happy birthday Anita our lovely London girlfriend)

3 thoughts on “A Tongan Bar story… maybe not quite what you think!

  1. Thank you for the lovely wishes….xx


  2. You two appear to be essential guests at any function, ceremony or opening in the Pacific Islands. You may not be allowed to leave and, in fact, may not wish to. Love to you both. Be well. A A … E!


  3. how lovely, a very poignant and uplifting ceremony story. Thanks for sharing. Pics look fab, so do you miss skinny Sonia !!!!


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